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Why Should You Use Amazon Web Hosting?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers its customers low-cost hosting solutions that allow businesses and governmental organizations to deliver quality websites to their users. It is the drive behind thousands of companies in over 185 different countries all around the world. 

Experience is a key factor in the web hosting business. With over a 100,000 active customers worldwide, there is no doubt that AWS has bucketloads of it.

AWS offers 70 different top-notch services for its customers. This means that no matter the type of website you are looking to own, there is a solution that is tailor-made for you. 

The web hosting giant has such a broad range of merits that you would be hard pressed to find another service that can rival it. Its products are so many that even the detailed Infographic below, provided by cannot cover them all. It offers users broad CMS as well as support on development platforms and allows users the luxury of choosing whatever CMS they like. 

You can use WordPress, Joomla, and more. That isn't all. AWS also provides premium support and SDKs for the best development platforms out there such as Java, PHP, and Ruby. 

Another distinct reason why you should consider AWS as the perfect solution for your web hosting needs is that it has a multitude of data centers. The cloud services provider has a technological foothold that includes data centers all around the world. 

With AWS, you can have the luxury of a datacenter taking complete control of your website in any location of your choosing. 

We all know that the internet can be highly explosive. Traffic on the internet can shift positively or negatively at any point in time. News articles, trends, promos, and deals can increase it in the blink of an eye. The beauty of AWS is that it can handle your web traffic at any point in time. 

From low traffic to high traffic brought on by social media campaigns, it has the requisite infrastructure to grow and shrink to your needs. 

There is a lot more that Amazon Web Services has to offer to its customers. The Infographic below contains more info on the different packages and how they can benefit you.

AWS Web Hosting Facts & Stats

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