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NETSCOUT 2019 Predictions: The Year of the Blind Spot

Industry executives and experts share their predictions for 2019.  Read them in this 11th annual series exclusive.

Contributed by Eileen Haggerty, Senior Director of Enterprise Business Operations, NETSCOUT

2019: The year of the blind spot

As organizations today embrace IoT and adopt multiple SaaS and IaaS technologies, multi-cloud environments have quickly become an increasingly complex reality in modern networks. Businesses are challenged to identify and resolve issues as they occur and, with multiple vendors, devices and infrastructure involved, pinpointing and solving performance and security issues can be no easy task.

Virtualized environments, software-defined data centers, and multi-cloud approaches bring many benefits in terms of agility, flexibility and scalability, amongst others. They also bring increased complexity, however, which can result in blind spots that will be imperative for organizations to address.

Capitalizing on the opportunities available requires businesses to have complete visibility into their entire infrastructure, and all the inter-relationships, such as the applications, protocols, and elements that are involved in the service delivery process. This visibility will enable them to ensure efficiency, and optimize their mean time to repair, getting ahead of any issues that arise. It is, after all, difficult to fix what you can't see.

It can be hard to manage a production environment as a virtual entity, for example. While traditional network tools don't have great visibility into the virtual world, tools from vendors such as VMware do. However, as these new tools are deployed, connecting to legacy compute and networking infrastructure can still be a challenge.

Visibility is also of particular importance to the proper functionality of an organization's DevOps team whose role is not to simply convert existing apps to make them cloud-enabled, but about refactoring how they're actually built. The microservice framework used by a DevOps team might consist of a web server, an app server, and a database server, in addition to the tools used to help the application management environment. Complete visibility of the traffic going across these new, complex, and often hybrid environment networks is crucial to understanding them.

When faced with increasingly complex, hybrid environments, full and complete visibility is crucial.  Blind spots can hinder innovation, efficiency and security and, if left unchecked, can increase the risk of outages and downtime. The only way for a business to see what is occurring across its transforming network is to employ tools able to see across multiple environments, virtual and legacy. Keeping a watchful eye on their transformed infrastructure will allow them to fully enjoy the benefits it offers.


About the Author

As Senior Director of Enterprise Business Operations, Eileen Haggerty is responsible for working with enterprise customers to ensure that NETSCOUT's service assurance and cybersecurity solutions are meeting the needs of our customers and the market. Eileen has over 15 years working at NETSCOUT, where she has held several product management and marketing roles. Prior to joining NETSCOUT, Eileen leveraged her MBA from Boston College working in a variety of technical marketing roles at Motorola Codex, Racal Data Group and Celox Networks.

Published Tuesday, November 06, 2018 7:35 AM by David Marshall
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