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Wind River and CENGN Assist Open Source Developers in Accelerating StarlingX Adoption for Edge Computing Applications

Wind River, a leader in delivering IoT software to critical infrastructure, is working together with the Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks to create a public repository to host StarlingX resources as a reference for the open source community.

StarlingX, as a source code-only project with no ISO or binary image available, has been challenging for interested developers to quickly get on board and meaningfully experiment. With this new public repository, visitors will soon be able to download an ISO image and gain access to the upstream components. Currently, developers can access CENGN's mirror site for StarlingX, as well as check for updates about the repository, at

StarlingX is an open source project hosted by the OpenStack Foundation that provides cloud infrastructure software for demanding critical infrastructure applications and services to be deployed at the network edge. A key benefit of StarlingX is that it provides a complete edge cloud software stack comprised of many open source components.

Launched in May of this year with initial code contributions from the Wind River Titanium Cloud virtualization platform, StarlingX has grown to more than 80 active contributors from the community. The StarlingX software platform provides virtualization infrastructure designed for the rigorous demands of critical infrastructure applications, such as telecom networks and industrial control.

CENGN is contributing staff and equipment resources to host a mirror of key upstream StarlingX components that are required in the edge cloud stack. This new StarlingX repository will serve as the community-driven build and continuous integration (CI) process. Wind River is contributing staff resources and expertise to this environment. Together, CENGN and Wind River are collaborating with the community to deliver the mirror service to all Starling X users.

"By working together with CENGN to host StarlingX resources, we are able create a build experience that is much easier to consume for the open source community, alleviating significant challenges. Developers will soon be able to adopt StarlingX in a matter of minutes or hours versus weeks," said Glenn Seiler, vice president of product management and strategy, Software-defined Infrastructure at Wind River. "We look forward to greater participation and accelerated innovation from the community to advance critical infrastructure applications and services deployed at the network edge."

"StarlingX can help developers build cloud infrastructure optimized for high-performance, low-latency applications, particularly critical for Industrial IoT and telecom use cases," said Jonathan Bryce, executive director at the OpenStack Foundation. "What Wind River and CENGN are doing illustrates the importance of community efforts that make the consumption of open source projects easier, reducing risk and driving adoption."

"By providing a cloud infrastructure software stack for the edge, StarlingX opens the door for opportunities to innovate around some of the most demanding applications in Industrial IoT, telecom, and other ultra-low latency use cases," said Jean-Charles Fahmy, CEO and president at CENGN. "CENGN's mission is to help the Canadian technology sector overcome the complexities around the commercialization of new technologies and platforms. It is a pleasure to team up with our longtime collaborator Wind River to further support the StarlingX community."

CENGN is dedicated to accelerating the growth of the Canadian information and communications technology (ICT) sector. Through leading-edge technology infrastructure and expertise plus the creation of a globally recognized ecosystem of partners, CENGN helps small and medium enterprises overcome commercialization barriers and grow.

More information about Wind River and StarlingX is available at

Published Tuesday, November 13, 2018 5:01 PM by David Marshall
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