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iManage 2019 Predictions: How Security Threats Will Be Addressed in 2019

Industry executives and experts share their predictions for 2019.  Read them in this 11th annual series exclusive.

Contributed by Bilal Mujahid, chief information security officer at iManage

How Security Threats Will Be Addressed in 2019

Since the dawn of this century, you have heard a consistent drumbeat: "Make sure your machines are patched", "Make sure your Wi-Fi is secure", "Make sure you have a firewall on the perimeter of your network". These were appropriate reactions to security events that made the news, such as the spectacular Code Red worm (2001), the massive TJ Maxx breach (2007) and the fast-spreading ILOVEYOU virus (2001).

This later transformed to a mantra of "buy more technology" - be it Data Loss Prevention (DLP) software, an Intrusion Detection System (IDS), aWeb Application Firewall (WAF), Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) software or Mobile Device Management (MDM) software. In any case, "buy, buy, buy".

The security space boomed and sprouted a thousand startups. IT leaders only slowly realized that it isn't easy to get true value out of all this technology. It requires specially trained staff to set all these tools up, and another group of trained staff to operate it daily. As we speak, there are millions of dollars worth of specialized security software and hardware collecting dust in data centers around the globe.

And now, as we enter 2019, here are my predictions on what today's modern enterprises will do to better govern and secure their critical information in the coming year and beyond against new and more sophisticated security threats:

  • TRANSITION MORE APPLICATIONS AND SERVICES TO THE CLOUD: Enterprises, even vast financial firms with nearly unlimited resources, increasingly realize that it is incredibly difficult to effectively secure hundreds of heterogeneous applications and associated infrastructure. A cloud provider has a very homogenous environment and can inexpensively implement many layers of protection.
  • ADOPT ZERO-TOUCH MODELS: More enterprises will follow the lead of modern cloud services providers such as Google, Twitter and Amazon. Like these firms, they will make application and even infrastructure changes using a rigorous dev-test-QA-staging model. In addition, the adoption of zero-touch models where system admins have no direct access to the underlying infrastructure will greatly increase. No single role or person will have the ability to affect the security of a system.
  • DEMAND APPLICATIONS THAT ENFORCE SECURITY THEMSELVES: Enterprises increasingly expect that their applications be built with security in mind. They want applications that can detect and respond to unusual activity even when it looks like an authorized user, provide the ability to wall off sensitive data while encrypting customer data and enable users to maintain their own security keys.

Rising customer demand for data security and increasingly strict data privacy regulations make it essential for enterprises to raise their security and information governance standards and find the most innovative solutions available for securing and managing sensitive information. These innovative solutions are out there, so let's have 2019 be known as the year we work safer, while still working how we want to work, from any device and any location.


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Bilal Mujahid is the chief information security officer at iManage.

Published Thursday, November 15, 2018 7:22 AM by David Marshall
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