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Scality 2019 Predictions: Cloud Repatriation, Acquisitions and Digital Transformation

Industry executives and experts share their predictions for 2019.  Read them in this 11th annual series exclusive.

Contributed by Giorgio Regni, co-founder and CTO, Scality

Cloud Repatriation, Acquisitions and Digital Transformation

2019 will be a year around cloud: cloud repatriation, cloud providers making acquisitions and cloud-native digital transformations. Let's dive in:

There will be cloud repatriation.

The mobility of workloads and data will increase in importance as organizations who leapt into public cloud are now understanding the reality of costs and complexities. Organizations will not leap completely back to on-premises, though, as the value that cloud services add in terms of agility, flexibility, and value-added functionality remains huge.  Enterprises will evolve from "all in with cloud" to "we want the ability to move between cloud and on-premises."  The "new normal" will include a) visibility of resources independent of location (i.e., a holistic version across on-premises, public cloud A, public cloud B, etc.) as well as b) the ability to move resources quickly and efficiently to the right location on-demand based on business or technical requirements.

Cloud providers will continue to make acquisitions to build their offerings in the M&E vertical.

The past few years have seen many cloud providers invest heavily in solutions for the Media and Entertainment industry.

M&E organizations use large amounts of storage and large amounts of CPU/GPU cycles. Potentially huge consumers of cloud services ranging from archive to encoding/transcoding to content distribution to artificial intelligence.

Additionally, telco and network providers are acquiring content companies:

  • AT&T acquired Time Warner
  • Comcast acquired SkyTV

So, what will 2019 and beyond bring?

  • AWS, Azure, and Google will continue to make major acquisitions to build out their M&E solutions
  • Amazon (and by extension AWS) will continue to move into the content creation and delivery space continuing to blur the lines between cloud, network, and content services
  • Balance of power in the content creation and distribution race will continue to shift from Hollywood to Silicon Valley and Seattle.

The Digital Transformation trend continues the transition to cloud-native.

We're seeing the transition of applications from monolithic to modular, or micro services.  Many of these applications still store data via file-based interfaces, but the transition to RESTful-based is accelerating. When the transition happens, it will help to simplify data management and reduce application code at scale. Solutions like Scality's, with both native file and object interfaces, are uniquely positioned to handle the transition from traditional monolith to the new architectures of modular/micro services under one platform.  We see digital transformation and cloud native application deployments growing at 10 times the rate of traditional applications.  Amidst this transitional growth, driving down cost and complexity are key success criteria.


About the Author


As Scality's co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Giorgio Regni oversees the company's development, research, and product management. He is a recognized expert in distributed infrastructure software at web scale and has authored multiple US patents for distributed systems. Prior to Scality, Giorgio was a co-founder and VP of Engineering at Bizanga, where he developed anti-abuse software that still protects hundreds of millions of mailboxes across the world.

Giorgio holds an engineering degree in computer science from INSA (Institut National des Sciences Appliquées) in Toulouse, France. He is also an accomplished hacker and developer. In his spare time, Giorgio has created mobile phone applications that are currently in use by an installed base of more than 2 million people. On an artistic note, Giorgio is a skilled electric guitar player, drawing his inspiration from guitar legends like Joe Satriani and Steve Vai.

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