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Intel 2019 Predictions: Real-Time Data Insights Will Drive the Use of Next Generation Technologies in 2019

Industry executives and experts share their predictions for 2019.  Read them in this 11th annual series exclusive.

Contributed by Jeff Klaus, GM of Intel Data Center Management Solutions

Real-Time Data Insights Will Drive the Use of Next Generation Technologies in 2019

This year, we've seen data centers evolve to account for the emergence of next generation technologies like edge computing and infrastructure monitoring. As data continues to be one of the most valuable assets for companies across industries, it is essential that we continue this growth into the next year. In 2019, data center strategies and practices will need to transform to include new solutions that can analyze this deluge of data and provide necessary real-time actionable insights today's operations demand.  

With over one-third (36 percent) of organizations already using ‘a combination of automated solutions plus manual processes' for data center management (State of DMaaS Survey), 2019 will present IT managers and operators with the opportunity to increase actionable data insights through innovative solutions. We can expect to see organizations start to overhaul their current data center strategies by implementing new technologies that improve business outcomes through real-time monitoring tools and solutions while reducing overall operational costs. 

Below is a glimpse into the New Year from Jeff Klaus, General Manager of Data Center Management Solutions at Intel, on what the data center industry will hold:

"Today's cloud computing stacks are missing a critical component: an infrastructure monitoring tool that analyzes and provides actionable insights on the data being collected. Currently, enterprises are able to derive granular insights from an agent-based solution but are lacking the necessary analysis to ensure day-to-day operations. This need will only increase as enterprises begin to scale business operations and add onto their current cloud stack. In the next year, data center providers have the opportunity to develop an infrastructure management solution to boost overall efficiency and reduce both operational and future costs." 

"Gartner projects enterprise-generated data from outside of traditional cloud computing centers could increase to upwards of 75 percent by 2022 demonstrating the data shift created by digital transformation initiatives. With an increase in big data workloads and rise in real-time computing, traditional cloud computing architectures need to evolve to a more decentralized approach that processes data at or near the source. Not only will edge computing increase data computing efficiencies but it will promote the further implementation of emerging technologies and allow enterprises to scale operations, increase data security and reduce overall cost."

"As new technologies enter the data center realm, expectations for advanced operational environments are at odds with an ever-present demand to keep costs down. While real-time, automated technologies are often the key to modernizing data centers, researchers have found managers need the pressure of an imminent issue or decision to overhaul legacy tech to make the step towards adopting a data center manager tool. In 2019, IT teams will face more decisions involving cloud migration, edge computing and other evolving industry expectations, making real-time power and thermal consumption monitoring the key meeting demand for both low cost and a modern IT ecosystem."


About the Author


As General Manager of Intel® Data Center Management Solutions, Jeff Klaus leads a global team that designs, builds, sells and supports Data Center software products through an extensive distribution network. Since joining Intel in 2000, Klaus built and maintains the largest global distribution ecosystem of middleware solutions through Server Hardware OEMs, Software Infrastructure Management Providers and Cloud Service Providers.

As a leader in the Data Center infrastructure industry, his group currently sells Intel® Virtual Gateway access management and Intel® Data Center Manager (DCM), the only software that provides real-time, server-level telemetry data and power management across a wide range of data center servers and IT devices. 

An active member within the Software Defined Solutions space, Klaus serves on the Board of Directors for the Green IT Council and has presented multiple keynotes at leading industry conferences, including Gartner Data Center, AFCOM's Data Center World, the Green IT Symposium, and the Green Gov Conference. As a thought leader within the DCIM community Klaus regularly contributes articles on key data center topics and trends in Forbes, DataCenter Dynamics, Mission Critical, Data Center Post, IT Business Edge, Data Center Knowledge, Information Management and Data Centre Management.  

Klaus earned his BS in Finance at Boston College and his MBA in Marketing at Boston University.

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