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Scale Computing Delivers Award-Winning Hyperconverged Solution Across Tahiti and French Polynesia to Support Outsourced Banking and Financial Services


Scale Computing announced that STES has adopted a hyperconverged IT solution based on Scale Computing's award-winning HC3 edge and hyperconverged platform.

Many of Tahiti's most prominent businesses, including the Bank of Polynesia and the Bank of Tahiti, rely on STES for outsourced financial services. STES processes more than $70 million a month in French Polynesia currency transactions and also produces customized check books for public and private sector use. STES will also offer an innovative digital banking service in a few months to French Polynesia customers. Because the company operates with a lean IT department, a simple and powerful IT solution was needed to keep in-house IT focused on their core responsibilities and cut troubleshooting and maintenance time to a minimum.

The installation combines servers, storage and a hypervisor with backup and disaster recovery capabilities - all within a single, easy-to-operate unit. Scale Computing's solution enables STES to create a scalable, highly available and affordable IT environment while delivering on the fast data recovery essential for STES' banking and financial service operations.

"By deploying Scale Computing, STES has removed the need for a complicated and potentially expensive IT infrastructure. This is because our HC3 platform eliminates the requirement for VMware, separate backup software and DR software. I'd estimate that it has also significantly cut the time that the company's IT team spends managing their infrastructure," said Dan Pierce, vice president of strategic sales at Scale Computing. "This deployment demonstrates the truly global need for intelligent edge computing and the desire across all businesses and all sectors to bring automation to their IT systems."

In order to protect critical data and maintain an effective DR strategy, STES replicates data between two sites on the island. The sites are 7.5 miles apart to allow local protection in case of natural disasters such as hurricanes or earthquakes. Snapshots are taken on an hourly or daily basis depending on client requirements and, in the event of a disaster, data can be recovered within 15 minutes to an hour.

 "To give you an understanding of our requirements, let's just take a look at our check production business. We produce over 350,000 check pages each month for our clients. That's a huge volume of work in terms of preparation and administration and requires an incredible amount of supporting systems and data. So it's critical that our IT infrastructure is accessible at all times and that we can ensure checks are issued on time and to client specifications," said STES Chief Information Officer Christophe Courcaud. "Scale Computing delivers on the necessary data protection because of the built-in backup and remote replication functionality in its HC3 platform. Scale Computing also provides the necessary scalability to grow and develop our business further without the worry of unexpected overheads that come with more traditional IT deployments."

Published Tuesday, November 27, 2018 2:11 PM by David Marshall
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