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Efficient Inventory Methods That Can Help Streamline Your Business


No matter what your business product is, you will have to create a functional inventory system to help your business run smoothly. Having a reliable method of identification and traceability can help to streamline your inventory process by always knowing what you have in stock and what needs to be ordered. Being able to track customer shipments and installation can help you to develop a winning customer service strategy.

Barcode and Matrix coding inventory systems are the most rapidly growing methods of inventory management. With the use of today's technology and quality inventory software you can always keep up to date with what is happening with your products. There are several types of inventory systems available that can be customized to your product and your needs.

Depending on the materials that you are using, you may consider having your product laser etched with inventory information. This permanent and durable inventory marking will last the lifetime of the product, making it a reliable way to keep track of your stock. Laser marking machines can be fitted to any shape and size of the product. Take a look at some of the most common inventory methods that are used by successful companies.

Barcode Laser Marking

The barcode is the most common type of inventory management. You can see it on millions of products and is easily recognized. The black stripes and spaces represent an inventory code that can be read and deciphered by a specialized scanner. You can use any alphanumeric system that you choose and it will be easily interpreted by the scanner. With laser marking, you will never have to worry about a barcode fading or coming off like a sticker. Barcoding works best on surfaces that are flat so that the scanner can properly read the code.

Data Matrix Coding

These are a 2D style of coding that are great for rougher or cracked surfaces. Also read by a specialized scanner, the Data Matrix looks like a collection of black and white square cells. Each cell is completely individual and can contain a large amount of alphanumeric information. There are also many digital applications that can sync your smartphone to your system so that you can use it as its own scanner.

Alpha Numerics

This is the most traditional format for setting up an inventory. Part numbers can consist of any combination of letters and numbers in your sequence. This is a great option for businesses with a limited inventory as it can be done without a scanner, making it an affordable option. Many businesses start out with this simple system and switch over to a digital system as their inventory grows.


The most recognizable aspect of your product should be your logo. Having your personalized logo laser marked right on your product can give you a simple method of brand identification. Keep in mind that the smaller your product, the smaller your logo will be, which can make it difficult to recognize in some cases. Logo marking can also be an important tool in your marketing strategy.

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