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TetraVX 2019 Predictions: Internal and External Communication Will be at the Forefront of Companies Minds

Industry executives and experts share their predictions for 2019.  Read them in this 11th annual series exclusive.

Contributed by Sean Kendall, Director of Customer Experience at TetraVX

Internal and External Communication Will be at the Forefront of Companies Minds

The future of the customer experience is unified communication across channels.

Today, businesses are treating customer satisfaction issues with a little bit of everything. Like the first time you go through a buffet line; a little here, a little there to find what you like best for round two. Consumers can resolve their issues across multiple communication channels, but most companies are not unifying all communications to create a complete picture of you. Your ID. Think part Netflix suggesting what you would like based on your binge of "The Bodyguard" last week and when Trunk Club sends you something you never saw before, striking and fits you look like a glove. 

All indicators point that 2019 customer care trends will have two main themes: asynchronous communications and services based on a no-strings-attached model, built solely in the cloud. The ultimate goal? Centralize all communications platforms into one interface for customer care personnel. Live chat, social media, email, forums, in-app messaging, and third-party chat platforms coming together to give customers unified and personalized interaction with companies throughout their entire journey. 

It's also important to remember that despite what your customer sees on the outside via the shiny web portal or that nicely written email, it's also equally important how your internal communication silos are broken down to be more like a flat network. Think about that for a second. When was the last time it felt easy for you to talk to someone outside of your business unit and both of you be on the same page instantly? One organization I know all too well uses Slack for project management, Microsoft teams for per business unit messaging, a proprietary site for global messaging, Jabber for chat, Salesforce for sales, and Zendesk for customer service. Sound familiar? Deeper organizations use multiple tools to communicate internally. And not one of those tools today play nice out of the box with the rest.

So, what does all this mean to a company? Bringing together disparate communication channels and presenting a unified experience, both internally and externally, can make a huge difference to customers' satisfaction levels, and therefore drive brand loyalty among existing clients. Not to mention, renewing current customers is a refreshing change when compared to the bottom line costs of turning-up new business clients. 

The hurdles to get to a true omnichannel communication strategy can seem beyond the bounds of possibility for most organizations. Sure, it looks like 2019 has its work cut out for it. But in all reality, we're closer than we think. The key is to integrate internal and external communications to provide seamless, personalized customer experiences. All with the same goals:

  • Accommodate for a customer who has limited time and uses multiple communication channels
  • Cut down on response times that traverse multiple business units
  • Create a personalized snapshot of the customer that is updated in real-time and accessed across your entire organization
  • Eliminate the escalation chain game

So, there you have it - my prediction for 2019. Here at TetraVX, we strive to enable a better customer experience through streamlined communications, both amongst your employees and with your clients. Consumers are telling us how they want and expect to interact with a business, and at TetraVX, we are listening.


About the Author


Sean Kendall, Director of Customer Experience at TetraVX, has over a decade of experience in Project Management and Customer Success. Sean has an accomplished track record of delivering high-quality customer insights and results by utilizing his expertise in customer experience solutions, growth strategies, product development, big data analytics, quality assurance, and information security. He is an active member of the Project Management Institute (PMI), SOCAP International, and Customer Experience Management (CEM) Group and is Scrum Master Certified (CMS). Sean's unmatched expertise in the Customer Experience space has resulted in a 99% customer retention rate since the inception of TetraVX's CX Program.
Published Thursday, December 20, 2018 7:20 AM by David Marshall
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