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Top 7 Virtual Reality Experiences

Virtual reality has taken the technology news industry by storm in recent years. The vision of a fully immersive and interactive world is becoming more of a reality with each passing day. Soon you will be able to put on a virtual reality headset and explore the moon or sail across the Atlantic.

However, we are at a very special time in the world of virtual reality. This in-between arena where the experiences are experimental and absolutely engaging. In this article, we will explore the best virtual reality experiences available today.

1. Doom VFR

Doom is one of the most recognizable names in the gaming industry. It is, in many ways, the godfather of modern games. Now, in virtual reality, you can experience the thrill and horror of fighting your way through the demonic masses.

Doom uses virtual reality to engulf the player in a frenetic and chaotic shooter. It is one of the best examples of virtual reality on the market and always fun.

2. Google Arts and Culture

This application is, in many ways, the opposite of Doom. Google has done something incredible by bringing some of the most beautiful pieces of art to your living room. This application allows you to see full sized renders of famous paintings such as Guernica by Picasso and Time by Dali.

In virtual reality, the artwork maintains all of its lusters as you are able to analyze and experience art in an entirely new and exciting way. This application is perfect for the lover of art no matter the age.

3. NextVR

NextVR is a virtual reality application that brings live concerts and sporting events to your home. No matter the event, NextVR delivers an engaging experience that will feel just like being there.

Whether it is a rock concert or the NBA playoffs NextVR delivers an authentic experience without losing the fun of going to the event. Regardless of taste, NextVR has something that will make you a believer in virtual reality.

4. Facebook 360

The massive tech giant's virtual reality application is a unique and intriguing way to experience the lives of your friends and strangers. The application uses virtual reality to transport users to the experiences that are being shared on the site.

There is no shortage of fascinating and entertaining stories to experience through the Facebook 360 application. If you love Facebook or want a new way of experiencing the world then Facebook 360 is the virtual reality app for you.

5. Minecraft VR

Minecraft is truly one of the darlings of the tech industry. Made by one man, the game puts you in an open world full of possibilities with the only limiting factor being your imagination. It was almost an instant phenomenon and helped bring games to the masses in a more accessible way.

Now, in virtual reality, you can experience the incredible sprawl and build your dream world in a visceral and responsive way. Moving through the block world of Minecraft in virtual reality is an entirely new and refreshing user experience.

6. Within VR

Within VR is an incredible virtual reality application that grants users the ability to experience new stories, narratives, and events in virtual reality. Taking users to war zones and showing them the real story puts the news into a more tangible and visceral product.

The company has also partnered with other technology companies and entertainment companies to continuously provide interactive experiences that are both fictional and real. Within VR is an exciting way to experience the world and it delivers a new angle on the news.

7. Skyrim VR

Skyrim VR is one of the most breathtaking uses of virtual reality. The game, a fantastical epic of groundbreaking proportions, is given a new life in virtual reality. It uses full immersion to take you on a journey to a mystical world.

Skyrim makes you use your hands to fight and interact with the world making you feel like a denizen of this kingdom. Whether it is swinging axes or casting spells from the shadows Skyrim VR has something for everyone. 


Truly, there is something for everyone in virtual reality from video games to the news it can bring you anything you wish. The applications that are already out today pack a serious punch. Fighting dragons in Skyrim VR and then immediately watching a game of the NBA playoffs is now possible in virtual reality.

The applications provide real and visceral experiences to users that linger long after the show is over. This impact on the user is why virtual reality is taking off like a rocket against the night. It allows creators to develop to their minds content, which in turn gives users experiences that they will not soon forget.

All of this leads to some questions about the future. If virtual reality is already this good then where can it go? That question, it seems, is being answered before our very eyes as the like of Microsoft and Sony continue to push the envelope on what the technology is capable of doing.

With tech giants involved and money flowing it is only a matter of time before we see full body immersion. Until then, these virtual reality applications should keep you warm and happy while you wait.


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