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Akamai 2019 Predictions: Business-critical IoT "Platform" to Become the New Black

Industry executives and experts share their predictions for 2019.  Read them in this 11th annual series exclusive.

Contributed by Lior Netzer, Chief Technology Officer, Internet of Things (IoT) and Mobile, Akamai

Business-critical IoT "Platform" to Become the New Black

In 2019, IoT is poised to transform businesses and as industry itself, providing increasingly valuable connected data to the enterprise, making strides to fill security gaps within the development process and seeing increasing investments in IoT platforms.

Akamai CTO of IoT and Mobile Lior Netzer shares more on how he expects these trends will unfold in the year ahead.

IoT data will become a business-critical resource in 2019. As the enterprise increasingly adopts IoT devices and sensors, the volume of data generated by these devices and sensors increases too, providing a trove of valuable insights. At the same time, machine learning and artificial intelligence-driven data analytics will continue to mature, meaning IoT data analysis will become easier. Through a collaborative and multidisciplinary effort, businesses will be able to glean deeper insight from their connected data, (such as cross-correlating inputs from discrete sensors for better decision making,) ultimately leading to smarter business decisions.

Potential for an "IoT Doomsday" breach will keep security and data privacy front and center. In the wake of GDPR and as the cyber threat landscape continues to evolve with volatility, protecting all devices and data -- including IoT -- will be top of mind for businesses. We've already seen IoT breaches and vulnerabilities hit the headlines within the last few years -- like the Mirai botnet DDoS attack against routers and a Wi-Fi heart monitor for babies left unencrypted. In the case of connected devices, a doomsday-type breach could very well be a matter of life and death. As businesses race to stay ahead of the game in protecting and managing stored data and consumer security awareness and skepticism continues to grow, IoT device vendors will place more direct attention to fill security gaps early on in the development process.

IoT "platform" becomes the new black, fueled by cloud providers. In 2018, Microsoft announced a four-year, $5 billion investment in building out an IoT platform. As businesses and the industry at large begin to wake up to the vast opportunity of harnessing connected devices and what their data presents, expect more investments from major tech players in the year ahead.


About the Author

Lior Netzer is the CTO and VP for IoT and Mobile at Akamai. He leads the Akamai group responsible for inventing, developing and commercializing new IoT products and technologies.

Prior to his current role, Mr. Netzer served as General Manager, Mobile Business Unit, Akamai,  where he lead the development of mobile products for application developers and carriers. Previously, Lior was Vice President of Mobile Networks at Akamai, where he led the formulation of Akamai's mobile CDN and edge strategy as it relates to cellular networks.  He also served as the Interim Vice President/General Manager for the carrier product division and previously was the Director of the Network Revenue Group at Akamai.

Mr. Netzer has over 25 years of leadership experience in positions of increasing responsibility from R&D, support, product management, marketing, business development, strategy planning and general management. Mr. Netzer was Associate Vice President Corporate Strategy & Business Development at Comverse Network Systems, where he focused on mergers and acquisitions in the mobile application space.  He has also held various senior operational positions in early stage companies such as JagagMobile and Voltaire Data Security Ltd., and advisory board positions with Telstra, Ericsson, Metacafe and Starhome Mach.

Mr. Netzer holds a MBA, graduating with honors, from The Technion Israel Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Engineering, graduating with honors, from Tel Aviv University.  

He is an acknowledged and frequent speaker at industry events such as: GigaOm structure, Mobile World Congress, CTIA, MIT CIO Forum and several global CDN summits.
Published Tuesday, January 08, 2019 7:25 AM by David Marshall
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