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Amdocs 2019 Predictions: Hybrid Cloud, Augmented Experiential Growth, SDDC, Closing the IT Security Skills Gap, and Informed Personalization

Industry executives and experts share their predictions for 2019.  Read them in this 11th annual series exclusive.

Contributed by Avishai Sharlin, General Manager of Amdocs Technology, and Darcy Antonellis, General Manager of Amdocs Media and CEO of Vubiquity

Hybrid Cloud, Augmented Experiential Growth, SDDC, Closing the IT Security Skills Gap, and Informed Personalization

Here are five IT trends across software and services in the year ahead:

Master your Hybrid Cloud Strategy or Fall Behind

While everyone expects the likes of Kubernetes and Docker to eventually become part of our daily operational practice in IT and network environments, our existing apps, networks, and functional tools continue work unabated - as they always have. However, as cloud adoption picks up substantial speed, the current era of coexistence between traditional and emerging technologies will face increasing operational business challenges. IT organizations will respond by focusing on creating a clear hybrid approach (current, cloud, multi-cloud) that ties together current applications with the latest technologies and networks changes. Organizations that fail to adapt to the hybrid environment will be prevented from adopting cloud technologies at the right speed, while hindering their ability to achieve business objectives of faster time to market and greater agility. - Avishai Sharlin, GM of Amdocs Technology

Is 2019 the Year of Experiential Growth?

Just as we look at the evolution of going offline, to online, to experiential, it'll be natural to see more mainstream, interactive, participative experiences in VR, AR, and IoT. Consumers actively engaging with smart environments are becoming more standard coupled with VR and AR for entertainment and personalized uses. Increasing B2B-varied uses e.g. Walmart's shift to VR-based employee training as one mainstream example with more examples in retail, entertainment and education will also increase notably.  Adding to this extreme personalization supported by AI and new ways to generate revenues during any given user session, will significantly increase via virtual, augmented experiential worlds. -  Darcy Antonellis, GM of Amdocs Media and CEO of Vubiquity

Increased Cybersecurity Threats Lead to Attempts to Close the IT Security Skills Gap

As IT organizations embrace public cloud environments, the threat of cyber-attacks and malicious attempts is a growing phenomenon. However, a gap still exists between the industry's needs and what can be achieved with the available workforce. Indeed, the CompTIA claims that, as continued cloud and mobility adoption exposes new threats, there remains a severe IT security skills gap that can no longer just be minded. As cloud increasingly becomes a part of every IT environment, 2019 will, therefore, be a key year for re-skilling the workforce, educating new talent and making the right moves to face the cyber challenge. - Avishai Sharlin, GM of Amdocs Technology

The "Who Are You" Year, and I Don't Mean The Who

2019 will continue the push towards knowing the most about you, the individual, and recognizing the ever-present privacy considerations. Well beyond the recommendation engine, with the help of data lakes filled with information about you, creating a nuanced, relevant experience between you the consumer/user and the platform/product is the North Star.  In 2019, your routine, temperament or mood, your needs and interests will all come together in an informed, real-time way. - Darcy Antonellis, GM of Amdocs Media and CEO of Vubiquity

Kubernetes / Containers Drive More Mainstream SDDC Adoption

Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) is an established norm for enterprises that adopt virtualization. SDDC means the entire building blocks of a modern data center is using virtualization for computing, network, and storage. All are done in software and accessible via APIs. In 2019, and for years to come, adoption of Kubernetes and containers will increase the ability for companies to quickly adapt on-premise cloud capabilities and provide a cheaper solution to the traditional data center. This means even greater adoption of SDDC. - Avishai Sharlin, GM of Amdocs Technology

About the Authors

Avishai Sharlin is general manager of Amdocs Technology. His responsibilities include Amdocs' consumer and B2B solutions, Amdocs digital and technology portfolio, cloud and microservices, and the CTO office. Before joining Amdocs, Avishai was technology business unit general manager at Radvision. Previously, he was founder and CEO of Xor Technologies.

Darcy serves as general manager of Amdocs Media and CEO of Vubiquity Inc. Prior to joining Vubiquity, Darcy was President, Technical Operations and CTO at Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Before joining Warner Bros., as an executive at CBS, Darcy's responsibilities included management of the network's operations in New York and for the CBS News Bureau in Washington, D.C.

Published Tuesday, January 15, 2019 7:22 AM by David Marshall
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