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Altaro 2019 Predictions: The Year of the Container, Hypervisors Slide Under the Hood, and More People Using More Clouds

Industry executives and experts share their predictions for 2019.  Read them in this 11th annual series exclusive.

Contributed by Andy Syrewicze, Technical Evangelist, MVP and VMware vExpert, Altaro

The Year of the Container, Hypervisors Slide Under the Hood, and More People Using More Clouds

It's quite normal this time of year to keep a steady eye on the future. Our crystal ball can be a good measure of key technologies and industry movements to keep an eye on in the coming year. Not only does this help companies determine what strategic changes they need to make from an IT perspective, it also highlights areas where staff may need to train up and grow to accommodate those changes.

From where I sit in the industry, I've always looked at things through the lens of IT Operations, and Infrastructure, and things sure are changing.

The Year of the Container: It's no secret that Docker and containerization technologies such as Kubernetes have taken the industry by storm. Something that was once primarily intended for developers has now found its way into the hearts and minds of operations folks. IT Departments everywhere are finding the benefits of containerization and it's natural complimenting nature with cloud technologies too good to pass up. We no longer live in a world where a workload lives within the 4 corners of an office building. IT Needs are ever changing, and the ability to run a containerized workload, quickly, anywhere, on any platform has brought operations engineers flocking to companies like Docker and Kubernetes, and the trend shows no sign of slowing down.

Hypervisors Slide Under the Hood: It's hard for me to admit this one because the hypervisor has been my bread and butter for many years, but with the shift to containers and microservices, the hypervisor is starting to get sucked down under the hood in some platforms. Think about it, it's a commoditized technology that is now easily automated and manageable from other areas of the technology stack.

Take Microsoft Azure Stack for instance. This self-contained "cloud in a can" (My term, not Microsoft's) essentially drops an instance of Azure inside of your datacenter. Hyper-V is there, it's a key component of the stack, but you work with it in a secondary nature via Azure Resource Manager. There is no ability to access Hyper-V or use its management tools to manage it directly. Nor is it needed. Azure stack was designed and built to be managed and consumed like a public cloud, and meticulous management of the hypervisor doesn't fit in well with the cloud model. So, while containers rise to the top, hypervisors will continue to fade deeper into the stack.  

More People Using More Clouds: One of the key benefits of containerization again is its natural synergy with cloud services. A container can literally run on just about any platform in any cloud. As more workloads get moved to this deployment model, the easier it will be for businesses to deploy into the cloud, and not just a single cloud! Many businesses have found the need to deploy workloads in multiple clouds as the needs of the business change.

In short, containerization will help drive cloud adoption to multiple cloud platforms due to its flexibility.

IT has always been a fast moving, and fast-paced industry, and the pace is accelerating! Make use of the training and tools available out there and you'll be able to roll with the times and take advantages of tomorrow's technology today.   


About the Author

Andy Syrewicze

Andy Syrewicze, Technical Evangelist, Altaro

Andy is a 15+ year IT pro specializing in Virtualization, Storage, Cloud, and Infrastructure. By day he’s a Technical Evangelist for Altaro, leading technical content and pre-sales. By night he shares his IT knowledge online or over a cold beer. He holds the Microsoft MVP award in Cloud and Datacenter Management, and is one of few who is also a VMware vExpert.

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