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CenturyLink 2019 Predictions: As Edge Computing Models Emerge, The Network Becomes The Datacenter

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Contributed by David Shacochis, Vice President, Hybrid IT Solutions, CenturyLink

2019: As Edge Computing Models Emerge, The Network Becomes The Datacenter

For years, there has been talk about the oscillating cycles between centralized and de-centralized computing functions.  Many experts have pointed out the significant investment opportunities that lie in pushing business logic out closer to the edge, and others have written about the types of companies that are poised to succeed at the edge. In 2019, we will see the first material examples of edge cloud computing take shape across a range of technology domains.

In the networking world, function virtualization and overlay technologies will be powered by software-defined orchestration of layer 2 and layer 3 underlay networks. The kinds of route-optimization discussions that used to only occur with proximity trading companies will start to become commonplace for cloud-native builders thinking at scale. 

At the physical layer, many new resources will become available. Efficiencies in telecommunication technologies will enable the acceleration of the CO-to-Datacenter transformation trend. Innovation around modular datacenters will enable new types of connection-based ecosystems powered by partnerships formed in 2019.

Execution venues for computing workloads will continue to evolve, enabling enterprise architects to take advantage of platform-, container- and function-as-a-service offerings deployed in a microservice-based architecture. Performance improvements around software-defined datacenters will enable orchestration of workloads to remote-site venues, and increased computing power in small form-factor devices will support a wide range of hybrid cloud concepts to be proven out this coming year.

Solution providers will continue to innovate at the management layer, leveraging orchestration, automation, analytics and machine learning to build edge-aware governance models that can cross computing venues, align workloads with data sources, and increase the clock-speed of the business innovation cycle. 

The types of companies poised to play a leadership role in this new world are those accustomed to working with distributed systems at a global scale. Solutions that span the physical, network, computing and management layers while connecting the global cloud core to the distributed cloud edge will help IT leaders see the potential of edge/cloud convergence. 2019 will be the year that companies start re-thinking their data-center strategy and conclude that it is more important to build a secure, robust network between their centers-of-data. 


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David Shacochis, Vice President, Hybrid IT Solutions, CenturyLink

David Shacochis currently leads the Product Management team for Hybrid IT Solutions at CenturyLink, where he is responsible for managed solutions across applications, infrastructure and hybrid cloud.  As a senior leader within the product organization, he is commercially responsible for profitable growth, service design and roadmap development across the global cloud core and the distributed cloud edge. His experience with firms at the heart of the cloud computing revolution - such as UUNET, Exodus, Digital Island, Qwest, Savvis, and Tier 3 - has built a wealth of IT service provider experience with a variety of clients across the public and private sector.

Published Thursday, January 24, 2019 7:25 AM by David Marshall
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