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Gigamon 2019 Predictions: Prepare for Continued Data Explosion

Industry executives and experts share their predictions for 2019.  Read them in this 11th annual series exclusive.

Contributed by Shane Buckley, President and Chief Operating Officer, Gigamon

Prepare for Continued Data Explosion

The year 2018 was a critical turning point for cybersecurity. With breaches impacting well-known brands including Marriott, Panera and UnderArmour, cybersecurity awareness -- specifically around data security -- finally gained importance amongst consumers, organizations and the boardroom alike. As we welcome in the new year, we are bound to see a continuation of both small scale and massive, historic data breaches, but let's take out the crystal ball to see what else we can expect in the world of networking, social media and security amidst the data explosion in 2019:

The Future of Networking

As cyber criminals continue carrying out sophisticated, large scale attacks, there's a simultaneous explosion of data moving across the network. In 2019, organizations need to evolve to be able to accommodate this data explosion -- or risk falling behind. As the saying goes, "slow is the new down," so it's time for businesses to accelerate the need for speed when optimizing their network.

In 2019, organizations will begin prioritizing the optimization of their entire network for performance and security due to increased traffic and a growing demand for bandwidth. As a result, we'll see increased 5G network build out which will drive significant investments in LAN/WAN infrastructure.

Social Media's Data Implications

Along with data explosion, 2018 was also the year when data privacy took center stage, and Facebook's rising star came crashing down. In 2019, we will continue to pay close attention to social media data, and what organizations do with such personal data will be evaluated under a microscope. Not only will social media companies be impacted, but this will also cause enterprises to evaluate their own use of social media and the data accessible through these channels. Given the current loose laws in place, next year, we'll also hear preliminary discussions of applicable laws at a regional level, like GDPR and other legislature that moved forward this past year.

The State of Security

One thing will remain a constant in 2019 - cyber criminals will continue to go after sensitive data throughout the ongoing data explosion. Specifically, nation-state threat actors will continue to wreak havoc as the driver behind most major data breaches in 2019. The role of the nation-state, however, will become more challenging. In the new year, North Korea will become more daring as the White House turns their heads to focus on finding a solution to nuclear weaponry. These factors, and more, are bound to have large brands and government organizations on edge when it comes to cybersecurity, as no one wants to face the public scrutiny following a major data breach.

Beyond nation-states, we will continue to see successful attacks carried out by spear phishing. In fact, spear phishing will also become more targeted than ever before as personal data becomes more generally available on the dark web. Due to this uptick in spear phishing, we will begin to see the rise of even more specialist tools for both network operations (NetOps) and security operations (SecOps) teams, which in turn, will require greater optimization of the network as well as security.

Is Your Organization Ready?

Overall, 2018 has its highlights and lowlights when it came to cybersecurity. While we moved forward with regulations such as GDPR, organizations demonstrated the difficulties in adjusting to such legislation. In addition, data breaches from nation states and other actors continued to permeate the news cycles, and we can expect more of this for years to come. 2018 proved that the need for improved detection, response and privacy is driving the demand for security products and services, in response to security risks, business needs and industry changes. In 2019, we can expect this continued demand given the increasing amount of data that passes through an organization each and every day. Is your business ready for this data explosion, or is it time to make it your New Year's resolution?


About the Author


Shane Buckley is President and Chief Operating Officer of Gigamon with responsibility for expanding the company's business and markets worldwide. He brings more than 20 years of executive management experience to the team and joins Gigamon from Xirrus where he was CEO prior to its 2017 acquisition by Riverbed Technology. Prior to that, Shane served as the General Manager and Senior Vice President at NETGEAR, where he led its commercial business unit to 50 percent revenue growth over two years. Before NETGEAR, Shane was President and CEO of Rohati Systems, a leader in cloud-based access management solutions, and COO at Nevis Networks, a leader in secure switching and access control. Shane is a graduate of engineering from the Cork Institute of Technology in Ireland.

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