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Actian 2019 Predictions: Data quality heats up with real-time analytics, edge computing and breakthrough insights in 2019

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Contributed by Lewis Carr, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Actian

Data quality heats up with real-time analytics, edge computing and breakthrough insights in 2019

A recent IDC study forecasted that by 2025, global data will grow to 163 zettabytes - that's approximately 1 trillion gigabytes per zettabyte. As the amount of available data grows, businesses are clamoring for larger and larger pieces of the pie. However, when it comes to leveraging data, success doesn't rest on the quantity you have access to, but the quality of insights you can pull from it and the quality of the tools/technologies that can do this effectively.

As we head into 2019, we'll see things like operational data warehouses, edge computing and tighter couplings between operational systems and AI-enabled analytics bring quality, actionable insights to the forefront for businesses - all in the business moment. Here's how we think that will look in 2019:

Real-time analytics will start to see real solutions for businesses

While this isn't a new concept, the idea of real-time analytics has had its challenges as companies look to digitally transform and better master their data. Database systems that address the need for operational analytics are imperative for companies looking to get immediate, actionable insights and solutions from their data. Operational data warehouses (ODWs) that are built on an underlying architecture for analytic query performance will be the key to success in 2019. An ODW - a fast, scalable and flexible solution - enables companies to address the need for operational analytics and deliver data insights in real-time, all while eliminating many pitfalls traditional enterprise data warehouses and pure cloud data warehouses often suffer.

Additionally, as AI applications grow in popularity, a crucial enabling technology will be the ability to process larger data sets constantly being updated with operational data. Fast access to not just historical data, but also current transactions and real-time inputs, will be critical to delivering more value to the enterprise. With the right data currency and quality in 2019, AI will move from special projects into production.

Edge computing will further propel the monetization of Mobile and IoT data

With increased access to data at the edge to provide actionable insights in the business moment, companies will be able to better leverage Mobile and IoT data in 2019 to expand current technologies, build new innovations and create new revenue streams. For example, think of the evolution of connected cars. Starting with mechanisms for automatic windows, door locks and ignitions, to internal GPS systems, Bluetooth connectivity, Apple Play and Android Auto - cars become more connected every year. Car manufacturers therefore have direct access to the data being generated by each of these touchpoints, which is connected across an ecosystem of favored content by their users - data those users can take immediate action on. 2019 will prove to be a pivotal year in making truly connected cars a near-future reality.

Coupling AI-enabled analytics and operational systems will achieve breakthrough insights

AI-enabled analytics requires a heuristic approach to data collection, algorithm crafting and tuning and implementation. 2019 will see better coordination of this cycle across data scientists, developers and line of business product owners. This will put the tools, techniques and goals in place to build a tighter coupling between these backend machine learning platforms and the frontend operational systems - providing the repository of raw data to build the models and Edge systems that will be tuned and directed to yield more business value in the moment. While 2019 won't be the year when this all comes together as a smooth flowing process, it will be the point where we see proofs of concept yield positive, meaningful results, generating far more investment in 2020 and beyond.

As companies continue to break down barriers to digital transformation and look across both their organization and customer base for actionable data insights, the need for robust data management and analysis becomes increasingly important for businesses focused on success. Businesses should look to activate their data in new ways, seeking quality over quantity, to propel the future of how they operate and grow. 


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Lewis Carr, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Actian

Lewis Carr leads product management, marketing and solutions strategies and execution. He has extensive experience in Cloud, Big Data Analytics, IoT, Mobility and Security, as well as a background in original content development and diverse team management. He is an individual contributor and manager in engineering, pre-sales, business development, and most areas of marketing targeted at Enterprise, Government, OEM, and embedded marketplaces. Prior to his time at Actian, Lewis developed his career at HPE, Oracle, BEA, Sun Microsystems, Motorola, and SRI Int'l and founded Prism Technology Marketing.

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