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Burlywood Tech 2019 Predictions: The Only Thing that is Constant is Change

Industry executives and experts share their predictions for 2019.  Read them in this 11th annual series exclusive.

Contributed by Mike Tomky, Director of Marketing at Burlywood Tech

The Only Thing that is Constant is Change

The technology industry is a great example of the phrase "the only thing that is constant is change."  We are constantly propelled to move forward with advances that are bigger, faster, denser, and, hopefully, better.  The processing power of your phone today is greater than that of yesterday's PC.  But those changes didn't happen overnight or in a vacuum.  With each New Year, we strive to improve on existing infrastructures, find new avenues for success and create a market that capitalizes on approaches that have generated buzz.  With that in mind, here are three predictions on how the industry will move in 2019.

Computational storage will increasingly occupy the hype cycle in 2019

We are not so far removed from a time when improvements in compute and storage performance would unleash a wave of applications and use cases that tried to take advantage of the new levels afforded them.  In today's modern data center, the opposite has become true.  Processes have become so advanced that they are now waiting for technology to catch up with them to be fully realized.

With massive amounts of data being produced today, compute and storage infrastructures have had a tough time keeping up with not only the volume but the latency and performance required of these data-intensive environments.  Computational storage seeks to optimize the data center while eliminating the bottlenecks from lagging storage resources and the workarounds that are deployed to minimize the accompanying effects.  Look for an increased amount of traction in solutions that provide the capacity scaling, performance and cost benefits that have eluded the market to date.

Likewise, Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence - more hype than reality - are beginning to find a foothold in storage

Two applications that are wagging the dog when it comes to demanding better compute and storage resources have been Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.  While we are still years away from actually having systems that can approximate human brain function, the goalposts of such an accomplishment have been planted in the ground.

More is expected of data storage systems today than simply housing data.  Organizations are increasingly looking for ways to gain insight - and business value - from these increasing amounts of information.  It's no longer enough to analyze the content and then assess the best course of action, what is needed are computational machines capable of taking copious amounts of data and understanding how the information makes sense and how to adjust to changing conditions in real time.  While still more of a dream than reality, preparing storage for this new reality will become a major focus of vendors in the next year.

2019 appears to be the year that NVMe finally over takes SATA in the data center

Speaking of hype becoming reality, it seems that NVMe-based solutions are finally ready for primetime.  Much has been made of the protocol - enabling SSD to act like fast memory rather than slow hard drives - but its implementation has faced roadblocks of its own.  Frankly, it's been the next big thing for quite a while.  SATA drives have held advantages of incumbency and adequate transfer rates for most consumers but speed bottlenecks for more demanding applications make NVMe more attractive as we look to implement next-generation storage technologies, such as 3D XPoint.

With more and more organizations looking to transition to the all-flash data center, the time is right for modular storage architectures that accelerate the time to market of new flash technology while delivering disruptive cost and performance benefits to customers deploying cloud storage solutions, all-flash arrays and hyper-converged solutions.  Expect change to continue being the norm and for hype to continue to become reality in the upcoming year.


About the Author 


Mike Tomky is a Product Marketing and Product Management professional who partners with business leaders and development teams to deliver high-value, profitable solutions for the enterprise storage market. With nearly three decades of marketing experience in enterprise networking, storage, and software markets, Mike understands how to successfully transition a great technology into a profitable product line.

Mike has a consistent track record of managing complex and challenging product ideas to profitability for companies like Micron, Intel, Emulex, StorageTek, and McDATA.

Mike holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Colorado.


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