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Stratodesk 2019 Predictions: IoT Trends You Can Expect In Your Workplace

Industry executives and experts share their predictions for 2019.  Read them in this 11th annual series exclusive.

Contributed by Emanuel Pirker, CEO and founder, Stratodesk

IoT Trends You Can Expect In Your Workplace

IoT devices have already proven their ability to solve increasingly advanced and innovative challenges for the enterprise. For this reason, in 2019 companies and organizations will seek a powerful solution to secure, run on and manage all of these devices. We will see the IoT device become a powerful alternative to traditional x86 Thin Clients and PCs.

NoTouch IoT - The OS and Management Solution for Enterprises

Imagine a world where everything is connected. Hospital staff, remote workers and employees simply walk into a room, the lights switch on, their computer boots up, and they are automatically logged into their computer with all their apps and current progress still in place.

This is already possible thanks to NoTouch IoT. NoTouch IoT allows end users to connect their devices with Azure IoT, AWS, Node-RED, and anything with web based capture interface in order to solve smart IoT use cases facing enterprises, schools, hospitals, the home and beyond.

NoTouch IoT is available as a Linux based OS able to power IoT devices including the Raspberry Pi, and connects to NoTouch Center -the on premises or Cloud based automated management solution for IoT and x86 devices. NoTouch Center includes support for live inheritance of settings and automatic discovery and configuration of endpoints.

IoT Thin Clients for the Enterprise - Solving Everyday Business Challenges

IoT endpoint devices provide a unique solution for enterprises. Already, these progressive devices are available as ready out of the box products. Examples of these products include the Citrix Ready workspace hub, built on the Raspberry Pi 3, and the Secondary Display Adapter, built on the Pi0. The workspace hub is an IoT integrated device with unique capabilities. Things like Citrix Casting make it possible to stream your session from the hub to your TV, laptop and more. The workspace hub is also able to know when you are within close proximity to your device via Session Roaming, and integrates with Imprivata Single Sign-On.

The Pi Zero, meanwhile, is an even smaller IoT device that connects to the workspace hub and allows it to stream 2 intuitive HD displays. Both are fully shippable products, available from NComputing and ViewSonic, and are widely used today.

The Citrix Ready workspace hub and Secondary Display Adapter are powered and managed by Stratodesk NoTouch software, making them fully equipped and productive for the enterprise.

IoT Thin Clients Will Be Preferred Over Outdated Desktop PCs and Desk Phones

Leading businesses and corporations are already using IoT devices to achieve tangible business goals while increasing ROI. As these IoT endpoints are adopted and preferred over traditional Thin Client devices or Desktop PCs, we will begin to see a massive shift in the industry. These devices, available at a fraction of the cost of traditional Thin Clients, will begin to replace more traditional workplace devices. Even the dominance of desk phones will decline as the next generation IoT endpoint enables workers and end users to take their Skype Sessions with them on their own smartphones and make calls on the go.

The IoT endpoint, which is capable of more than just delivering virtual apps and desktops, will become a mainstay in the workplace. With its low cost and ability to deliver the full effect of a traditional Thin Clients, IoT endpoints will be able to solve: instantly logging users into their sessions, streamlining virtual meetings, and enabling smart meeting rooms.

Our software can do all of this and more, including solving the IoT security problem by providing a low footprint OS that fights against common exploits and third party applications.

Expect to see smarter endpoint management for IoT and more IoT endpoints, including the Raspberry Pi, in the workplaces of 2019.


About the Author

Emanuel Pirker 

Emanuel Pirker has extensive knowledge in IoT and Virtualization Technology. His company, Stratodesk, is the creator of the #1 endpoint OS and management solution for VDI, DaaS and IoT endpoints. He brings a unique perspective, one that combines decades of in-depth experience in IoT and VDI technology with hands on work alongside leading companies like Citrix focused on creating next generation IoT solutions and products engineered to solve real world use cases facing workplaces everywhere.

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