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Netskope 2019 Predictions: Who will be the movers and shakers in cloud security in 2019?

Industry executives and experts share their predictions for 2019.  Read them in this 11th annual series exclusive.

Contributed by Sanjay Beri, Founder and CEO, Netskope

Who will be the movers and shakers in cloud security in 2019?

In addition to the handful of noteworthy cybersecurity breaches that impacted several well-known organizations and their customer bases in 2018, several shifts and movements within the broader cloud ecosystem set the tone for what direction the state of cloud security is headed in 2019.

As players in the cloud landscape become even more interwoven due to the advent of cloud, hybrid- and multi-cloud strategies in the enterprise, here are a few predictions for where I envision the cloud security industry is headed in 2019.

In 2019, the cloud app wars will get fiercer while cloud and security vendors play nice. As the pace of digital innovation and demands pertaining to new cloud features, costs, geographic coverage, and support increases, the cloud wars between Amazon, Google and Microsoft will only get fiercer. It's healthy competition as a variety of new use cases are made possible by the adoption of multi- and hybrid-cloud, with customers typically opting for multiple vendors versus just one.

Looking at cloud security specifically next year, IT teams will need to ensure that the organization's application and infrastructure vendors are working alongside one another, and have even more shared responsibility to ensure that physical security and beyond are adequately accounted for -- and most importantly protected against cyber attacks.

In addition, cybersecurity consolidation will also continue next year. Following the recent IBM and Red Hat acquisition that took place in 2018 and what this deal signified for the open source industry, we will see a trend of ongoing cybersecurity consolidation next year. In 2019, smaller security vendors will be snapped up because of several factors -- for talent/acquihire purposes, for a company's underlying technology, to boost sagging toplines of legacy security or networking vendors trying to modernize themselves, and more. Furthermore, some traditional large public security players have become stagnant due to their legacy on-premise box oriented architectures, and are primed to be gobbled up by private equity (PE) firms, being split up (especially those with both consumer and enterprise business units), or a combination of both.


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Sanjay Beri, Founder and CEO, Netskope

Sanjay Beri brings nearly two decades of innovation, experience, and success in networking and security technology, and a unique business sense, to his role as founder and CEO of Netskope. He has held leadership positions at Juniper Networks, Ingrian Networks, McAfee and numerous other companies.

Published Tuesday, January 29, 2019 7:22 AM by David Marshall
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