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Three Keys to Making Sense of Data Fragmentation
We create data on our mobile devices, tablets, PCs, and servers, but does the creation of that data make a sound? Yes, it does. There is a data explosion happening all around us. You can see it as you watch television. You can hear it as you dance to your favorite tune. It's all the data that is being created on a daily basis. 

Let's take a moment to slow down and make sense of this explosion of data. The collection of data is not a new trend nor is it a fad. Data storage dates as far back as the late 20th century when punch cards, magnetic tape, and disk were the primary media of choice. A time before the Internet of Things (IoT) was a "Thing."

In today's era of digital transformation, there are cutting-edge technologies that use information from the enormous repository of stored data that continues to fragment our data. According to an IDC prediction, data creation will grow to a total of 163 zettabytes (ZB) by 2025. In case you were wondering, 163 ZB is equivalent to several trillion DVDs. How can we make sense of zettabytes of data and is this much data manageable? We must begin to understand the keys to surviving the explosion and fragmentation of our data. The three keys to surviving the data explosion: intelligent data management, embracing digital transformation, and proper placement control of data.

Intelligently Manage Your Data

As the world continues on the fast-track of digital transformation, you will need the ability to manage your applications and data with minimal effort. Too often, we use numerous systems to manage and protect our data globally with different backup and recovery applications and infrastructure. By reducing complexity, intelligent data management provides you with an efficient way of managing your data by using a unified system of record. A single source of truth will give visibility across your data on-premises and in multiple clouds which offer a global view of your data. This first key to surviving the data explosion is understanding that you control your own "data destiny." As a notable author and American Futurologist, Alvin Toffler said, "You can use all the quantitative data you can get, but you still have to distrust it and use your own intelligence and judgment."

Ride the Wave of Digital Transformation

Embracing digital transformation is the second key to surviving the data explosion. The swift advancement in technology is a continual process that will further fragment our data based on the use of multiple applications and platforms. Data is being utilized at "lightning speed" and stored in various locations by millions of people from several unknown sources. Our goal is not to fight against the explosion of data, but to accept and embrace the change as it becomes the wave of our current future. The idea is to "rise and thrive" to the occasion by securing, supporting, and strategically understanding that digital transformation is now our new norm.

Control the Placement of Your Data

"Failing to plan is planning to fail." As users, we have chosen to embrace the wave of digital transformation and understand the critical aspect of intelligent data management, the final key to surviving the data explosion is controlling where your data is placed. Like the famous Jedi master, Yoda said, "always pass on what you have learned." Pay attention to where you choose to store your personal data, read the fine print when it comes to cloud storage, and understand the service level agreement that is provided. You should realize that every swipe, text, and tap comes with the responsibility of making sure your data is secure and if ignored can fall into the wrong hands.  Remember your options for data placement, whether using a corporate data center or your home PC, you are responsible for your own data.

Like any great production, behind-the-scenes is where the magic occurs. When you are downloading an app, snapping a selfie, or backing up your memories in a cloud-based format, remember what is happening behind the curtain. Be vigilant when it comes to protecting your data and do the work. The work of seeking a product or service that can offer simplicity and automation to survive the data explosion.  Your end game is to protect yourself and your data by utilizing the right tools.


About the Author

Demetrius Malbrough 

Demetrius Malbrough is an expert in solving Data Protection challenges for small, medium and enterprise companies. He holds multiple Backup and Recovery certifications with major software leaders represented in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Backup / Recovery Software. Demetrius is the proud owner of the Backup & Recovery Professionals LinkedIn group which has over 19,900 members worldwide. Demetrius is currently a Technical Marketing Engineer at Rubrik.

Published Thursday, January 31, 2019 7:42 AM by David Marshall
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