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Three Ways to Simple Inbox Organization with Gmail


More and more people are migrating to the online world to do work and even just to play. Because of this, our virtual reality is not only marked with progress but also with acts of criminality as individuals scramble for relevance and continuity. There is a need to be vigilant in order to keep ourselves safe.

Phishing is one of the most common cyber crimes today. It is basically the act of illegally and stealthily getting personal information from unsuspecting users, usually through emails. Because of this, your email is one of the things that you should keep organized at all times.

If you are using Gmail, there are actually a lot of ways to keep your email organized. We will share here a few tips that will help you bring order to the horde of email messages that you are getting every day. You will be surprised just how these very simple steps not only make your life a lot easier, but also ensure your cybersecurity up to a certain extent.

Set up the inbox to display important emails first

When you've just signed up to Gmail, its default inbox presents a single list of all emails received. These messages are arranged in chronological order, with the newer ones put on top of the list. Of course, just because an email is new doesn't mean it's more important than the older ones. There have been cases where important emails are buried under piles of new but less important ones, especially if the user only has one email for everything-work, family, and play.

You can actually set up your Gmail in such a way that it splits your inbox and displays the important messages on top. To do this, click the Settings icon on the upper right side of your inbox. From the dropdown, click Settings. On the Settings page, click Inbox. From the Inbox type dropdown list, choose Important first. Click Save Changes.

Gmail uses special algorithms to determine importance. You can also set any email as important by clicking the arrow-like marker beside every email that you receive.

Aside from keeping your inbox organized, doing this also makes it less likely for you to accidentally open emails from people or organizations that you don't know. And this is because they are usually put at the bottom half of the split page.

Place the emails that you receive in properly labeled folders

If you only have one email for work concerns, family matters, and other aspects of your life, it will be helpful if you learn how to properly file away emails in folders. This way, important emails that you've already read but are not yet ready to delete can be removed from your inbox and stored in a place that you can easily access. Gmail already has pre-made folders. You can, of course, create your own by clicking Create New Label in the left side bar.

To remove an email from the inbox and transfer it to a folder, select it, and then click the Move to icon on the upper left of the inbox. From the dropdown, click the appropriate folder.

Unless absolutely necessary, don't take a conversation out of its initial thread

Gmail has this very helpful function that allows exchanges to be stored in a single thread. Unless it's really necessary, do not go out of this thread. Keep your replies within it, even if you are putting different persons in the CC field. The person that you're talking to should also do the same. Aside from avoiding clutter, doing this will also allow you to better keep track of the flow of the conversation.


Published Monday, March 04, 2019 2:49 PM by David Marshall
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