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Why Smartphone System Updates Are So Important

As a modern society, we have become more and more reliant on our smartphones and mobile devices. Online communication has become the standard in our business and personal lives.

Many quality phones can cost over $500 and protecting that investment along with all of your data should be a priority. Security protocols are often updated by the operating system providers and then offered to each user. When you get an alert that updates are available, you should never ignore them.

Software developers are constantly redesigning systems to keep ahead of hackers and purveyors of malware. Ignoring important updates to save time can end up costing you. When you rely on your phone when storing your important documents, contacts, photos and files, you can count on the experts in phone repair in Eagan, MN to help you when you have a problem. To avoid time-consuming repair issues, keep these important aspects of update importance in mind.


Cyber criminals are constantly innovating and adapting to modern online security measures. When you ignore important system updates, you could be missing out on new security features that can help protect you. Cyber bugs and malware can infect your device and cause all kinds of problems, including a total loss of your system. Keeping your security at the highest levels is the most efficient way to protect your device.

Data Protection

If you are like most people, you probably use your phone for personal things as well as business. Contracts, confidential information and internal company emails can all be susceptible to hackers. Malware can easily be designed to either wipe out all of your data or steal it. To help keep your business and private data safe, you should always update your device as soon as more protection is available.

Auto Updates

Many users take advantage of system features like auto updates. This can eliminate the hassle of doing software updates manually. Even if you take advantage of this convenience, you should still be aware that you could be at risk. Hackers are able to easily enter your system and disable your auto update settings so it's important to continue to do occasional manual checks for available updates.


Malware and online viruses are specifically designed to spread as quickly and easily as possible. If you continually ignore system updates, you are leaving yourself wide open for hacker attacks. Don't end up being responsible for sending out an email or document with a virus that can infect your friends and coworkers as well. You can even accidentally affect your entire home or office system with just one infected message.


Operating system updates are not only limited to security improvements but also to introducing new features. Don't miss out on changes that can improve the functionality and efficiency of your device by always installing your updates right away. You want your phone or device to be properly synced to the system along with everyone else. Stay on the same page and enjoy the new features that come with many new updates. Stay on top of everything that your operating system has to offer and stay in the digital loop.


Published Tuesday, March 05, 2019 7:19 AM by David Marshall
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