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Snapt Adds Let's Encrypt Functionality to the Snapt Application Delivery Controller
Snapt, Inc., the disruptive application delivery controller (ADC) company, today announced Let's Encrypt for the software-only Snapt ADC. The addition of the Let's Encrypt plugin allows free, automated SSL certificates for websites enabling significant cost and time-savings for users. With the Let's Encrypt functionality, Snapt is helping to ensure their users are able to secure their websites easily and effectively. 

"Automatic Let's Encrypt certificates make admin life so much easier, and, critically, prevent any user interaction errors or delays with certificates that are expired," said Dave Blakey, CEO of Snapt. "Expired certificates end up costing companies money as they often lead to a decrease in customers who trust that their online data is encrypted and secure. By leveraging Let's Encrypt's capabilities, Snapt allows for both cost and resource saving efforts when it comes to updating and maintaining current SSL certificates."

Streamlining SSL Certificate Management to Protect Web Applications

The management of SSL certificates is time consuming and subject to error as an organization can require the use of hundreds or even thousands of SSL certificates. The cost of purchasing each certificate can quickly add up, and if a certificate is missed, mishandled or not renewed on time, major errors in website security of encrypted information can occur. Automating SSL certificate renewal processes can improve upon the manual entry of these updates significantly, reducing the overall cost and time it takes to manually purchase, deploy and renew them. And, unlike other certificate authorities, with Let's Encrypt, there is no cost to obtain or renew a certificate.

Snapt with Let's Encrypt will allow users to:

  • Automate the ability to obtain, renew and deploy SSL certificates for free;
  • Seamlessly scale by issuing unlimited numbers of certificates to support any number of web applications; and,
  • Script and automate the creation and deployment of new sites

"In terms of security, without Let's Encrypt, users will assume your site is compromised or that they've landed on an impersonator's site," said Daniel Alfonso, Director of IT, Digital Target Marketing. "They then might be more susceptible to actual impersonation attempts because the scammer remembered to renew their certificate."

The Software-only ADC

Snapt's best-in-class ADC stands out in a market of legacy offerings by providing a modern, software-only load balancing, acceleration and security solution that is built for flexibility, performance and virtualization.

Currently used by companies ranging from start-ups to the Fortune 500, Snapt prides itself on being the leading solution for DevOps, which represents the future of ICT enablement for start-ups and enterprises alike. Snapt's ADC is easy to use and deploy, and is built around modern models and use cases, with key value offerings including flexibility of environments and user empowerment. Snapt allows DevOps to focus on optimizing, enhancing and building on any network and environment - all while ensuring their critical infrastructure remains safe and secure.
Published Wednesday, March 06, 2019 1:09 PM by David Marshall
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