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Datadog Announces General Availability of Integration with Amazon Web Services App Mesh

Datadog announced the general availability of its support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) App Mesh, a hosted service that dynamically configures service mesh proxies. With Datadog's AWS App Mesh integration, which was announced at AWS re:Invent 2018, engineering teams can monitor their services, proxies, and tracing requests, ensuring strong performance and identifying potential issues for troubleshooting.

"With AWS App Mesh, customers can observe communications in a consistent manner and easily control how traffic flows between every part of an application without having to change their code," said Deepak Singh, Director of Compute Services, Amazon Web Services, Inc. "We are pleased to have worked with Datadog as an AWS Partner Network (APN) launch Partner for AWS App Mesh. Datadog's integration makes it easy for AWS App Mesh users to monitor the performance of their microservices, view platform and application logs, and trace the path of requests as they move through the service mesh. Datadog's platform provides a powerful way for developers to better understand their applications."

AWS App Mesh makes it easy to run microservices by providing consistent visibility and network traffic controls for each microservice in an application. AWS App Mesh removes the need to update application code to change how monitoring data is collected or traffic is routed between microservices. AWS App Mesh configures each microservice to export monitoring data and implements consistent communications control logic across your application. This makes it easy to quickly pinpoint the exact location of errors and automatically re-route network traffic when there are failures or when code changes need to be deployed.

Integrating Datadog with AWS App Mesh allows teams to collect hundreds of metrics tracking internal activity, as well as the performance of services and the applications that those services depend on. Teams can then create visualizations and alerts in Datadog to monitor the performance and health of all their services in one place.

In addition to tracking key metrics, teams can also trace requests to all the services in their service mesh with Datadog APM & Distributed Tracing. Datadog APM can visualize distributed request traces in detailed flame graphs, illuminating each call's timing and dependencies, and allowing teams to explore an automatically generated Service Map to see how requests flow between all their services. Along with an existing integration with Datadog Log Management, teams using AWS App Mesh can gain full visibility into the performance of their critical services.

"Since announcing our integration with AWS App Mesh last fall, our customers have enthusiastically adopted its capabilities," said Michael Gerstenhaber, Director of Product Management, Datadog. "Service Meshes have become an integral component of production container workloads, and we're excited to work with AWS to provide the observability our customers need to monitor their services and proxies."

Published Wednesday, April 03, 2019 8:53 AM by David Marshall
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