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VMblog's Expert Interviews: Acronis Talks Opening Up Its Cyber Platform

VMblog readers will already know Acronis as a global leader in cyber protection. But today, the company announced the opening of its core platforms, enabling broad, third-party developer access to the Acronis Cyber Platform to encourage expanded functionality and application integrations, while expanding their opportunities in Acronis’ large ecosystem. To find out more, we spoke with William Toll, the head of cyber platform at Acronis.

VMblog:  What is the Acronis Cyber Platform?

William Toll:  The Acronis Cyber Platform, which is the foundation of our existing services, features a series of APIs supported by software development kits (SDK) and sample code. We are opening the platform with new open APIs, providing the kind of access that was previously available only to Acronis and select integration partners such as ConnectWise, Microsoft, Google, and others.

By accessing the platform, developers can connect to new data sources (like SaaS applications and on-premises applications), new data locations not currently supported by Acronis (like local private and public clouds, hardware appliances, tape storage, anything really.

And developers can add new data management functionality, and process/analyze/transform data and integrate their applications with Acronis cyber protection solutions. Additionally, developers can integrate Acronis into their application, system or marketplace. By doing so, ISVs, OEMs, service providers, resellers and customers can drive new revenue and solve a greater number of use cases for themselves and the Acronis ecosystem of 50,000 channel partners.

VMblog:  Why is Acronis launching the Acronis Cyber Platform?

Toll:  We believe our channel partners and their customers can get more value from a larger ecosystem and a broader set of solutions. An ecosystem and community can solve more complex customer requirements than Acronis can alone. For example, today Acronis supports a large number of data sources, but we are still limited to the most popular data sources. Customers and partners are asking for more. With the Acronis Cyber Platform, ISVs, OEMs and others can use our APIs and add more sources of data to back up - more databases, more SaaS applications.

Acronis also supports a wide, yet never wide enough set of data destinations. With the Acronis Cyber Platform developers will be able to build support for more data destinations, beyond our existing list of the Acronis Cyber Cloud, Microsoft Azure, the Google Cloud, and numerous other public/private cloud and storage appliances.

VMblog:  Why is Acronis launching this now?

Toll:  Today, we are launching Early Access to our Cyber Platform, and with it, we are opening access to the APIs that are the core to our philosophy of a platform based architecture and now, a platform-centric ecosystem. We believe in the power of community to solve these complex and ever growing challenges.

Data is not just the new oil... the growth of the amount of data, the number of data sources and the value that organizations of all sizes, in every industry is placing on data have all seen massive increases. And while the amount of data and the the number of data sources is exploding because there are more apps, more "things", more analysis of data and add to that more places to store data, most organizations are falling way behind in their ability to manage and protect data.

More and more organizations have recognized the power and possibilities that APIs bring to their customers and users and the growth of APIs has led us to expand our ability to support integrations, like we have for example with ConnectWise, Microsoft and some IoT applications/systems that we felt opening the APIs would unleash innovation in our ecosystem.

The number of data sources - from new applications, new devices, to new use cases, Acronis believes the community needs a cyber protection platform that is flexible enough to accept new sources of data.

VMblog:  This isn't "all-new" for Acronis, right?

Toll:  We already have ISVs, OEMs, Service Providers, Resellers and more developing with and integrating with our APIs.

Back in 2013/2014 Acronis began re-architecting many of our platforms and in doing so we started to build our own services on top of a common platform and set of APIs. For several years, some 3rd party companies have also had access to these APIs. For example, ConnectWise both uses our APIs to enable their implementation and integration with Acronis. Another example is the Honeywell sensor implementation, where sensor data at the edge and the software application that supports the data collection has Acronis cyber protection built in. These two examples were only possible because of the APIs that we already have.

VMblog:  Who are the primary "targets" for the Acronis Cyber Platform?

Toll:  Developers, ISVs, OEMs, Service Providers, Resellers and customers with developers.

VMblog:  What are the benefits of the "Early Access" program for the Acronis Cyber Platform?

Toll:  We have a great program lined up for our first developers and organizations that build on the Acronis Cyber Platform. They will be working closely with us as we develop the technical, business, and marketing programs, documentation and services to make the program and the Early Access participants successful.

Early Access participants will get extra attention from numerous teams here at Acronis including our Executive team members, Development, Product Management, Marketing, and other teams.

We hope to create a good dialogue with our Early Access participants and factor their feedback into the program components from documentation to APIs calls, to platform capabilities.

Some Early Access participants will be invited to have their use cases, and videos about them created before the Global Cyber Summit where they will be able to share their story with our community.

VMblog:  Finally, how can people get involved?

Toll:  Interested developers and organizations should request early access here:


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