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Edgewise Networks Receives Approval for Two New Patents; Amasses IP Portfolio for Zero Trust Microsegmentation

Edgewise Networks announced today it has received approval from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for two new patents that cover key elements for automating microsegmentation to enable zero trust security for enterprises. Edgewise now has three approved patents with an additional eight patents pending. The patent work underscores Edgewise's market leadership and reinforces how the company's approach to software identity-based segmentation provides an order of magnitude improvement in both security and operational simplicity.

Traditional methods for microsegmentation are too complex, taking months or years to implement, and the effort is hard to measure. Most microsegementation efforts rely on IP address-based controls, requiring constant updates as environments change, especially in ephemeral environments such as cloud.

Edgewise's intellectual property (IP) portfolio and unique approach to microsegmentation and zero trust security solves these problems by focusing on security at the software level, using machine learning (ML) to rapidly microsegment networks. This software-centric approach to microsegmentation provides provable security outcomes and zero touch management.

Edgewise is the only company with IP that protects all three elements required to create a zero trust environment:

  • The right data: The Edgewise patent, "Automated Load Balancer Discovery," ensures the company can accurately map application communication pathways using ML and statistical methods, across load balancers and NAT (network address translation) environments. Collecting high quality, high fidelity data that's not contaminated with noise is a critical first step to enable extreme microsegmentation automation. Load balancers further complicate an already tangled web of connections, because they act as a black box, obscuring network visibility. Edgewise's science-driven invention can detect load balancers without relying on IP addresses or ports, both of which change in modern networks, and without installing an agent on the load balancer. As a result, Edgewise is able to obtain an accurate, comprehensive topological view of the environment.
  • The best analysis for policy optimization and management: "Network Application Security Policy Generation," describes how Edgewise uses ML to create the minimum number of policies required to secure access pathways between applications, making policy management easier and more efficient. Through the use of immutable, cryptographic software fingerprints, these policies can detect exploited or manipulated application software and prevent them from communicating, even if they use the same name and communication content as a permitted application.
  • Policy enforcement at the right control plane: In December 2018, Edgewise was granted its first patent for zero trust security, "Network Application Security Policy Enforcement." This IP covers Edgewise's policy enforcement technology, which enforces the symmetric verification of software fingerprints at both ends of a network communication.

"These patents demonstrate that Edgewise can discover what's really happening on a network, and then automatically create optimal policies using advanced analytics, to secure communications between applications and other network assets," said Peter Smith, CEO of Edgewise. "The technologies and methods they cover lay the foundation to finally solve the most vexing problem in enterprise IT- network attack surface reduction."

Published Tuesday, May 07, 2019 11:54 AM by David Marshall
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