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The Bad Guys Have Allies - Do You?
Today's criminals are more sophisticated than the bad guys of previous generations, according to the experts at GuardOne Security, the industry-leading security patrol and remote video monitoring company.  Armed with modern technology, criminals conduct sophisticated "homework" in advance of a crime, increasing their chances of a successful heist.  They can easily gather information online about your business or property, the value of your assets, your daily operations, and much more.  As criminals become more savvy, leveraging the latest tools and technologies to commit their crimes, companies must elevate their security systems accordingly to "outsmart" these masterminds and prevent being a target. 

"If you have holes in your security system, modern criminals will find them. Whether it's a lack of video monitoring on site, incapable or untrained security guards, or a gap between your detection and response to crime, the bad guys know exactly how to find a way in," said Robert Copeland, President and CEO of GuardOne.  "By combining tried-and-true techniques with 21st-century tools, criminals are leveraging their resources to successfully commit their crimes.  Therefore, businesses need to work with security experts that can stay a few steps ahead of the bad guys to keep their organizations, staff, customers, and property safe."

Every company should ask themselves: are you doing everything you can to keep your business safe and secure?  Here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Recognize That Today's Criminals Are More Sophisticated Than Ever Before. A "high tech" burglary crew recently robbed more than 50 Long Island businesses, stealing an estimated $10 million over the course of five years. Investigators called it the most sophisticated burglary crew they'd encountered and compared it to Ocean's Eleven, a high-tech heist movie. Law enforcement officials determined that these criminals utilized techniques like physical surveillance of the properties combined with technologies, accessing subscription databases, social media, and other online tools, to determine how to make their "hits" and maximize their bounty.
  • Amp up Security to Deter The Modern Bad Guy. To prevent various crimes from occurring, implement a modern security system that is capable of protecting your facilities, products, employees, products and other assets from these sophisticated criminals. Old-school, outdated or low-tech systems are no match for the modern criminal.
  • Develop a Seamless, Integrated Security Strategy. The best security strategies enable seamless detection, assessment, and response. For example, strategically placed video monitoring could be used to detect a potential threat, virtual guards can quickly assess the situation at hand, and on-site guards can respond immediately to the intrusion. All of these measures should be integrated and work in tandem to keep your people and assets as safe and secure as possible.
  • Use Common Sense Online and Off. Assume that potential criminals are watching your personal and professional social media posts and other online activities and be smart about what you share. Never post about being on vacation (that's like inviting people to rob you!), having significant amounts of cash onsite, or anything else that might entice would-be robbers to make you their next target. And while it may sound like common sense, here's a reminder: don't divulge details that could help potential bad guys pursue you, such as security passwords or the location of your safe, cash or other valuables.
  • Anticipate the Modern Criminal. While you can never fully eliminate all security risks from your business, it's important to make your property as safe as possible to deter any potential threats. Staying in-tune with the mindset and capabilities of modern criminals is a great place to start. Work with your security team to do a full assessment of your assets and risks, and create a security strategy that will work effectively for your specific situation.
  • Work with Trained Military Personnel. To protect your business from sophisticated criminals, you need a sophisticated security team on your side. Who better to safeguard your property than the honorable individuals who dedicated their lives to safeguarding our nation? At GuardOne Security, we are proud that much of our staff is made up of brave, protective, and trustworthy former military members.
  • Keep up with crime trends in your area.  Sites like SpotCrime help you stay aware of crimes in your community.  These resources collect crime data from police reports, news accounts, member information and other sources, posting it on an online map.  Sign up to have local crime alerts sent to your phone, email, or social media account to get real-time updates on crimes, security breaches, arrests, and other valuable information.
"At GuardOne Security, we understand the mindset of modern criminals and have made it our mission to keep our clients' facilities and properties protected from these types of threats," Copeland explained. "We take down the modern bad guys by giving our clients access to industry-leading video monitoring technology, our high tech command center, and a highly trained team of security enforcement professionals, including military personnel.   We are uniquely able to anticipate the sophisticated tactics of today's modern criminals, and we have the staff, experience, knowledge, and equipment to protect our clients and keep them safe."
Published Monday, May 13, 2019 8:31 AM by David Marshall
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