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Morphisec Announces Version 3.5 with New Unified Security Center for End-to-End Visibility Across All Blocked Attacks
Morphisec announced today the release of version 3.5 of its Unified Threat Prevention platform. In addition to across the board upgrades and enhancements, the latest version features the new Morphisec Unified Security Center, which provides a consolidated view to include Microsoft Defender Antivirus integration across all attacks on the endpoint and a clearer understanding of the entire attack chain.

A cornerstone of the latest version is the new integration with Microsoft Defender Antivirus, which allows enterprises to better leverage the embedded security features in the Windows 10 operating system. More than 200 million enterprise workers now use Windows 10 on endpoint devices and this is expected to increase sharply after Microsoft ends support for Windows 7 in January 2020. Enterprises have a unique opportunity to leverage Morphisec's Defender AV integration to replace their legacy antivirus tools with free, embedded Defender AV, and get a more secure endpoint stack with no change to existing budgets.

"Enterprises can now make the switch to embedded Microsoft Defender AV, secure in the fact that Morphisec not only provides critical protection against unknown advanced attacks that can bypass antivirus and EDR, but also brings visibility into all prevented attacks, including those blocked by Defender," said Morphisec's Vice President of Product Management Netta Schmeidler. "Moreover, customers can get a deep understanding of how their organization is being attacked at a glance. The Unified Security Center displays the entire attack timeline and what TTPs adversaries are using at each stage, along with critical data points such as certificates, hash, integrity level and command line instructions."

Morphisec's innovative Moving Target Defense technology quickly, simply and deterministically prevents advanced threats, offering a simpler and more secure endpoint alternative to costly and complex Endpoint Detection and Response tools. Organizations seeking to strengthen their security posture, without increasing cost and complexity, continue to adopt Defender AV to replace their legacy antivirus, and apply their savings to Morphisec to protect against advanced memory-based attacks.

Such is the approach employed by leading legal firm Bowman and Brooke, one of the largest product liability practices in the US.

"Our strategy is to make our endpoints as bulletproof as possible while also simplifying our environment within the same budget," said Bill McConville, Chief Information Officer, Bowman and Brooke. "Adopting Defender AV and dropping a costly incumbent endpoint product would allow us to redeploy those funds into Morphisec to help protect us against zero-day threats. Morphisec's new dashboard capabilities could also help us to lower our operational costs and simplify security administration with its consolidated view of our alerts, including those from Defender AV - all while giving us better insight into the nature of the advanced attacks that were blocked."
Published Monday, June 03, 2019 9:21 AM by David Marshall
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