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Gravitational Solves IoT Security Pain Points with Privileged Access Management Solution
Gravitational, the US-based software company offering compliance solutions for cloud-native applications and infrastructure, today announced an Internet of Things (IoT) edition of its popular open source privileged access management solution, Teleport. Teleport significantly reduces vulnerabilities and operational overhead by offering increased logging visibility and enabling users to safely access and manage any remote IoT devices from a single authentication endpoint.

There are a reported 7 billion internet-connected devices to date, with a projected 21 billion by the year 2025. The sheer scale of these devices not only makes them particularly vulnerable to attacks, but highly complicated to secure. While most computer security professionals work in data centers or cloud computing environments to tackle security concerns, not all of the management tools, expertise and practices can be transferred to an IoT use case. In addition, most IoT devices exist on private networks that do not belong to a device manufacturer and are often found behind home or enterprise firewalls, making them unreachable from the outside. As a result, many security techniques and tools used for securing these devices are rendered either obsolete or difficult to maintain.

Teleport addresses these issues by:

  • Enabling developers of IoT applications to leverage existing SSH-based toolchains to push code updates and collect monitoring information from remote IoT devices.
  • Enhancing security and enforcing compliance by employing a robust toolbox of compliance controls.
  • Lowering operational overhead by utilizing the same authentication gateway and role-based access controls for both cloud and IoT deployments, while providing a single source of truth for gathering logs and session data.

"It is all too common to see companies struggling the secure their IoT infrastructure," said Ev Kontsevoy, CEO of Gravitational. "Teleport gives companies the single pane of glass they need to clearly see what is happening with their IoT devices and cloud servers. Our goal is to empower our users to leverage their existing investments in SSH-based deployment tools or in Kubernetes to successfully implement IoT security and compliance and to lower the operational overhead of running code in both contexts."

IoT manufacturers often try to address potential vulnerabilities by eliminating the need for remote management entirely, but it's simply not feasible for remote devices that run complex applications in industrial settings such as self-driving vehicles, production floors or hospitals. Teleport customer, TriNetX, a global health research network that optimizes clinical research, has numerous appliances installed in hospitals around the world. These appliances have no direct network access to them, so using Teleport IoT is the only way to access them. With Teleport, TriNetX can effectively push software updates, collect monitoring data and keep audit logs across all of the remote devices as easily as if they were running in their own cloud environment. The technology enables IT leaders to have control over who is accessing the devices and gain clear visibility into what's happening during every session.

"We are thrilled to leverage the new capabilities of Teleport. It greatly streamlines the process of maintaining scores of devices while ensuring the data on the appliance is secure," said Konstantine Krutiy Director of Engineering at TriNetX. "With Teleport, we are able to clearly and securely see what is happening within our network of devices and have centralized logging and session recording which helps us meet security and compliance."

The Teleport 4.0 release candidate is available today at

Published Wednesday, June 19, 2019 3:31 PM by David Marshall
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