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Cybeta Launched to Protect Businesses from Cyber Attacks

More than a billion people were affected by corporate cyber attacks in 2018 with the global average cost of $13 million per attack.  In addition to the financial costs, the intangible damage to brand value, customer relationships, and intellectual property can be vast.

Liberty Advisor Group is proud to announce the launch of Cybeta, a suite of intelligence products and services designed to help keep your business off the Cyber X.  The product suite is effectively predictive of future breaches and can give you the business threat intelligence needed to outpace your competition in the cybersecurity battle.

Cybeta was built by US intelligence-trained experts. Our cadre gained their skills from decades of experience at the DoD and U.S. National Intelligence communities. Our experts have been conducting reconnaissance and planning operations against targets for decades. We are now applying those same targeting methods to proactively protect your business.  Our products were designed and built by reverse engineering the actual processes that hackers use to surveil, select and exploit the technologies to attack your business. With Cybeta as the top-layer of your company's cybersecurity environment, you will have contextualized and actionable intelligence of the hacker's plans built into your defense. Our predictive intelligence can help you preempt attacks and make strategic security investments with the highest ROI.

By thinking like hackers, Cybeta can tell you in real-time where the real threats are, so you can fix them before the hackers have chance to exploit them.

Three core products are available from Cybeta:

By mimicking an attacker's reconnaissance and updating hundreds of data feeds in near-real time, Threat Beta provides a predictive cyber attack barometer that allows you to be pre-emptive and enables attack prevention.

Using a proprietary bottom-up methodology, Threat Alpha calculates the complete financial impact to your organization from a successful cyber attack.

With continuous monitoring, analysis, and real-time alerting, Cybeta Overwatch gives you the advanced warning needed to avoid emerging cyber threats.

Cybeta constantly monitors the dark web, analyzes millions of micro-trends in cyber activity and uses a range of sophisticated benchmarking techniques to alert companies to prioritized vulnerabilities in their systems before hackers can exploit them.  Both threat assessment and threat avoidance take place in real time -- keeping businesses, their data and intellectual property off the cyber X and out of hackers' crosshairs.

Published Thursday, June 20, 2019 2:47 PM by David Marshall
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