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Cloudian and Seagate Join Forces to Deliver Ultra-dense, Exabyte-scale Private Cloud Storage at Lower Cost Than Storage-as-a-Service
Cloudian today announced a joint solution with Seagate Technology to provide industry-leading storage density, scalability and economics for private cloud infrastructures with capacity needs of multi-petabytes to an exabyte. The new solution-Cloudian HyperStore Xtreme, Powered by Seagate-combines Cloudian's fully S3-compatible object storage software with Seagate's newest high-density storage systems to offer customers up to 70% lower total cost of ownership than Storage-as-a-Service options. 

Private Clouds Offer Best Storage Solution for "Super-capacity" Workloads

Private clouds are now the fastest growing segment of IT hardware infrastructure, with spending forecasted to increase 58% between 2018 and 2023, compared to 48% growth in public cloud spending and a four-percent decline in traditional IT spending, according to IDC.

A key driver of private cloud adoption is enterprises with large-scale storage needs, such as those in healthcare, scientific research, surveillance, artificial intelligence/machine learning, and media and entertainment. With capacity-intensive workloads that can reach tens of petabytes, these users face unique challenges in managing and protecting their large data sets.

While Storage-as-a-Service offerings provide scalability and flexibility, both the cost and the time to access data can be significant concerns in "super-capacity" use cases. Similarly, traditional storage solutions also fall short because of cost, reliability and/or timely data access issues. In contrast, private cloud infrastructures provide the scale and flexibility benefits of Storage-as-a-Service, along with the performance, access, security and control advantages of on-premises storage.

Cloudian HyperStore Xtreme: Ideal for Large-Scale Private Clouds

The new solution combines Cloudian software and a Seagate high-density storage platform to deliver limitless scalability, real-time data access and ground-breaking economics for large-scale private cloud buildouts. Features and benefits include:

  • Over 1.5 PB in a 4U height enclosure, providing up to 18 PB of storage in a single data center rack and 83% greater density than competing systems, thereby saving scarce data center space.
  • Cost under ½ cent per GB/month, a savings of up to 70% vs. Storage-as-a-Service.
  • Increased cost-efficiency as the solution scales, in contrast to traditional storage systems that become costlier per unit of storage as capacity grows.
  • The ability to scale to an exabyte of capacity without interruption and span multiple locations while presenting all storage as a single pool.
  • The industry's most compatible S3 object storage, proven interoperable with the rapidly expanding ecosystem of S3-based applications and cloud solutions.

In addition, Cloudian and Seagate each have key strengths that together provide customers with faster access to innovation and continuous cost savings over the life of the system:

  • Seagate's parallel design process, whereby all components are designed by Seagate, accelerates component/system integration, enabling Cloudian and its customers to capitalize on new system technology innovations at least six months sooner than competitors' serial processes.
  • Cloudian's software-defined technology allows all customers to benefit immediately from Seagate's most advanced cost-performance technologies, which were previously available only to a handful of hyperscale storage users.

The Cloudian HyperStore Xtreme solution will be available from Cloudian and its resellers starting next month. To learn more about the HyperStore family, visit For additional information on Seagate's new ultra-dense systems, read the company's blog at

"Our partnership with Cloudian reflects our priority to deliver customers multiple economical options for managing data at scale," said Ken Claffey, vice president and general manager, enterprise data solutions at Seagate. "As the S3 API is now the de facto standard for cloud storage, we see a tremendous opportunity in working together to help large enterprises realize the full potential of private cloud, with the scalability and cost benefits they seek."

"Given the massive data demands of the modern large-scale enterprise, the time has come to rethink storage infrastructure design and target an entirely new level of scalability," said Scott Sinclair, senior analyst at ESG. "Building private clouds today with traditional systems is sub-optimal, ultimately driving up costs as data grows and limiting the ability to leverage data for maximum value. The combination of Cloudian's object storage software and Seagate's system design expertise is a true game-changer, delivering innovation and economic savings that will enable customers to capitalize on new data-centric opportunities."

"Seagate's decades-long leadership in density, performance and end-to-end integration is the foundation upon which the digital transformation era has thrived," said Jon Toor, chief marketing officer at Cloudian. "As data intelligence transforms every industry over the next decade, enterprise customers expect infinitely scalable storage systems that are flexible and deliver lower TCO faster. The Cloudian-Seagate alliance combines two industry-leading technologies to deliver solutions with the best multi-cloud integration, scaling economics and enriched metadata enablement so that customers can unlock the full value of their digital assets for long-term success."

Published Tuesday, June 25, 2019 12:04 PM by David Marshall
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