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ClearCube Announces New Quad Zero Client with Fiber-Optic Connectivity

ClearCube Technology, Inc. today announced the release of an advanced, small-footprint Zero Client endpoint featuring four DisplayPort connections, capitalizing on the present and future evolution of desktop displays in virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environments.

The new CD1042/44 delivers high performance and robust security in a new PCoIP TERA2 computing solution and offers all the advantages of VDI client computing with a virus-proof firmware, fiber network connectivity, an integrated smart card reader, and support for VMware Horizon and the PCoIP protocol.

With a flexible design, CD1042/44 endpoint features TERA2140 PCoIP chipset, PKI-approved CAC/SIPRnet token reader, up to 4 USB 2.0 ports, and 4 DisplayPorts connections for graphics and full-motion HD video playback on two displays at 2560 × 1600 or up to 4 displays at 1920 × 1200. The unit easily connects to VMware virtual desktops on SmartVDI systems, third party virtual machines (VMs), and ClearCube PCoIP Blade PCs, and with all standard peripherals including multiple monitors, keyboard, mouse, audio input/output devices and USB peripherals. "As of today, some of our competitors are no longer offering quad Zero Clients," said Doug Layne, VP of Global Sales at ClearCube Technology. "We are always fine-tuning our designs to offer unrivaled security and performance features and till date, we offer the widest selection of Zero Client solutions in the market with over twenty-one different options" he added.

The CD1042/44 Zero Clients boasts an impressive security profile. It requires no special OS drivers, has no moving parts that can fail, and no removable parts that encourage user tampering/theft. Fiber-optic connectivity provides tangible business benefits including high bandwidth availability, symmetric speed, reduced network latency, better signal strength, and faster access to data and apps stored in the cloud. The integrated PKI-approved CAC/SIPRnet token reader, 100/1000 BASE-X SFP fiber-optic network module, and the AES-128/ AES-256 Suite B Cipher encryption found in the PCoIP protocol adds an extra layer of data transmission security and integrity. "The CD1042/44 was specially designed to meet the growing demand for secure and easy to manage VDI solutions," said Cori Cupello, Marketing Specialist at ClearCube Technology. "Customers with highly classified data in government and military agencies, or other industries that need multi-monitor support, and where information security must never be compromised can now benefit from the increased security, multi-monitor support, higher availability, operational cost-savings, and better device management that virtualize CD1042/44 zero clients offers," she added.

CD1042/44 zero clients are tested and assembled in the U.S, fully TAA compliant, and are now available. For more information, contact ClearCube Technology at
Published Thursday, June 27, 2019 7:45 AM by David Marshall
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