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Stellar Cyber Integrates with Amazon Web Services Traffic Mirroring to Provide Unified Security Analytics to Cloud Workloads

Stellar Cyber, a Silicon Valley-based security analytics provider, today announced that its Starlight platform can immediately integrate with Amazon's newly released VPC traffic mirroring, allowing Starlight customers to get raw traffic logs from AWS environments, then utilize its advanced machine learning and AI to detect, alert, and respond to anomalous behaviors. The RFC 7438 VXLAN capabilities that make this integration possible have been part of the company's offerings since 2017. AWS' new traffic mirroring validates Stellar Cyber's vision around pervasive visibility across public, private and hybrid cloud workloads.

When traditional traffic mirroring was not feasible, Stellar Cyber's Starlight was the first AI-based security analytics platform to enable VXLAN capabilities to capture traffic from virtual, physical and cloud environments. For more than two years, the Starlight platform has utilized VXLAN technology to gain visibility across cloud workloads to detect and respond to threats within the AWS and other VXLAN-capable environments.

Stellar Cyber's customers have been able to gain security visibility and automation in AWS to give them a better understanding of what is actually happening in their cloud. "Visibility and automation have always been part of the holy grail for security practitioners," said David Barton, CISO of Stellar Cyber. "The announcement from AWS confirms our established strategy of using VXLAN to provide that visibility, and Starlight to perform automation and response."

With Starlight's pervasive data collection, coupled with advanced data handling and machine learning, Stellar Cyber customers have multiple ways to detect anomalous behavior attacks across the Lockheed Martin cyber kill-chain. With defense-in-depth methodologies, an attack missed in one stage of the kill chain will be caught by Starlight in another stage.

According to a recent survey by the SANS Institute, 31 percent of responding organizations experienced unauthorized access to cloud environments or cloud assets by outsiders this year. This number is likely even higher as most of those companies didn't have the visibility needed to detect that access. As cloud adoption rates continue to rise, this problem will only escalate.

"With tools such as Starlight, security teams have the visibility they need to collect the right data, detect anomalous behaviors, investigate and threat hunt those anomalies, and ultimately respond in automated ways to stop those threats," said John Peterson, Chief Product Officer of Stellar Cyber.

Stellar Cyber's new Starlight 3.1, the first Unified Security Analytics Platform that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for automated threat hunting and advanced breach detection, enables businesses to not only rapidly detect and contain emerging threats, but also to reap significant savings in time, costs, and human capital. Now, security professionals who have long struggled with cyber defense activities like manual threat detection and extreme firewall noise have a solution.

Published Thursday, June 27, 2019 9:09 AM by David Marshall
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