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13 Tips on Picking the Best Domain Name for Your Corporate Brand


Marketing and expanding your brand online is important. Because some businesses market their products and services on the internet, they make more profit from online marketing than offline marketing.

That's why you have to pay attention to your domain name.

The domain name for your corporate brand is your company's name online. It is your brand's identity and will be used for all interactions with your customers. Not only would you want to pick a good domain name, you would want it to align to your business goals, appeal to customers and be your brand name for as long as the business stands. Let's look at 13 tips that will help you generate the right domain name for your business.

Pick Your Domain Name and Business Name at the Same Time

Choosing domain names at the beginning of business will help eliminate confusion. When you pick a name for your domain and business together, you can make sure they align. You'll be able to brand your business offline and online at once. Right from the start, you get prospects to visit your website. All your documents for marketing will have your website name written on it.

That way, you can avoid future rebranding.

Your Business Name and Domain Name Should Be the Same or Similar

If your business name is Mailex, you should use the same name or something similar as your domain name. The fact is your offline and online identities are interconnected. When you use names that are similar, people can easily identify your brand.

Use a Domain Name Generator

Maybe the domain name you have in mind is not available or you don't know what names to pick. You can use name generation tools to get what will fit your brand and showcase your vision. Some of them show you the popularity of the word you've inputted, similar names and available top level domains (TLD).

Here are some name generation tools you can use:

●        Lean domain search

●        NameStall

●        Impossibility

●        Business name generator by Shopify

●        Nameboy

●        Bust a Name

●        NameMesh

●        Domain puzzler

●        DomainsBot

●        Panabee

Don't Pick a Keyword-filled Name

Imagine if you picked a domain name called Anyone that sees it will know your company is into pasta production, sales or delivery. However, the name is too generic. If you want to expand your business by producing other kinds of foods, you'll have to pick another domain name.

Also, the name won't stick as much on people's minds because it does not distinguish your company's brand. So, what should you do?

Either you pick a unique company name and add a keyword to it or you pick a keyword-less domain. With the former choice you get a brandable name and keywords that can help in search engine optimization. With the latter choice, you get a unique company name that once the website has a lot of content and gets a lot of traffic, you'll be able to expand your brand, produce different products or do whatever you want with that same name.

Be Wary of Trademarks

Once a name has been trademarked or copyrighted, it has been legally claimed for a particular individual or corporation. If after you have built your website and marketed your product with that domain name, you find out you have been using a trademarked name all along you will have to drop it or face legal actions.

Trademark your domain name after you have registered it. That's where you can apply all the legal protection it needs.

Your Domain Name Should be Short and/or Catchy

Some say your domain name should be short and contain only one word or two. Others think a catchy phrase will be better for a domain name. Whether you pick a short or long name, you can make it work for your business. If it's a short name, make it simple and catchy. For example, is better than

If it's a long name, let it be a catchy phrase. Examples are:




Whatever you choose, remember you're going to be stuck with that name for the duration of your business.

Let It Suit Your Target Market

If your business is targeted towards a particular locality, then use the domain extension of that location. If your business is targeted towards young adults, you can add a word that will attract them in your domain name.

Don't use legal terms for a medical website or entertainment terms for a car manufacturing website. If your target market is broad, use a name that will capture the vision of your organization. Linkedin is a social networking site that connects businesses and professionals. Its name hints at its purpose of linking people together.

Pick the Best Top Level Domain for Your Business

Pick a domain name where the most popular generic top level domain (TLD) is available. That is usually a .com. For a not-for-profit organization, it's a .org. Despite the fact that the internet has been there for more than 20 years, other domain extensions are still struggling to gain popularity.

Why not make it easier for your brand by picking a .com domain?

It doesn't matter if the .com version of the name you want has been taken. Add something to it to make it unique. You can add:

●        A prefix or suffix                                                 

●        Another word

For example, you can use if has been taken or use if has been taken. On the other hand, if the .com version is being sold for a premium price, buy the .net version or .org version. When your company has grown, buy off the .com version.

You can also choose a country TLD, if you want Google to geo-target your site.

Protect Your Brand by Buying Different Domain Extensions

Competitors and spammers might buy the misspelled versions of your domain name. If your site visitors misspell the domain name or type in the wrong extension, they'll be directed to their site instead of yours.

That strategy is used by the competition to steal customers and generate more sales while spammers do for malicious intent. It's better to avoid being the victim in this situation.

Buy misspelled versions and other extensions of your domain name and redirect them to your website. That way, your domain name is all yours without any unwanted outside party gaining from it.

Make Sure It's Unique

The potential in branding a unique name is limitless. A unique name can be expanded into different industries. Make your domain name unique. That way, you can build an online presence that will not be mistaken for any other.

Make It Pronounceable

We live in a digital age. Attention span has greatly reduced and people want something fast and easy. Don't make your domain name difficult for people to pronounce. Pick what will stick to the minds of your prospects. is not a good name even if LLVCD is the abbreviation of your company name. is a better choice.

While people will not likely call out your domain name, there is something called processing fluency. The easier it is to pronounce in the mind, the easier it is to remember.

It Should Be Memorable

If your company name is generic, pick a different, memorable and catchy name for your domain. is the domain name for Greenberg Smoked Turkey Inc. It is easier to remember.

Make sure you don't add numbers and punctuation marks to your domain name. Also, don't pick names that can be confused with other names. For example, the name was a domain name for an IT firm that also sold scrap. However, people read it as 'it's crap', not ‘IT scrap'. The name had to be changed to

Your domain name should be easy to spell, easy to type and pleasing to the eye. Ask yourself, "If a person sees the domain name of my business only once, will she remember it afterwards?"

Act Quickly

Once you have picked the right domain name, register it immediately. If you don't act fast, somebody might buy it up and list it at a premium price.

Picking the right domain name for your business is a branding technique that cannot be overlooked. Once you get it right, it becomes a foundation for great advertising, brand awareness and sales generation.


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