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Overview of Altaro Office 365 Mailbox Backups

It's common for users to think that Microsoft is backing up Office 365 data as part of their subscription, but it's important to understand that this isn't the case. Office 365 does not provide any data protection services.


Specifically, there are no native features within Office 365 for backing up mailbox data. This responsibility rests fully with the customer. Also, Microsoft doesn't provide any assistance with backups. Consequently, their company cannot help with any surprise data loss or corruption that a user might experience.

It's important to think about this in advance. There is always the real possibility of deletion, damage, or destruction of one or more mailbox items. In such cases, a robust backup solution can save the day by ensuring that you have access to a reliable backup copy. Now that you're aware of the problem, you'll be happy to know that there are quick and easy solutions to this problem, available today.

Centralize and automate with Altaro Office 365 Backup 

Altaro Office 365 Backup is a complete backup solution for Office 365 that includes backup storage, easy retrieval and recovery of any mailbox item, and access to a cloud dashboard for central administration of all your mailbox backups.


These features will give you the confidence that your Office 365 mailbox data is secure:

  • Easily restore mail items - Quickly recover any item that is misplaced, deleted, damaged or destroyed. There are several restore options - either for specific items or entire mailboxes.
  • Searchable mailbox backups - Using filters and other options, easily browse and search your backups at any time.
  • Scalability - A single subscription gives you the ability to scale from ten mailboxes to many thousands. Simply point-and-click to add more mailboxes.
  • All-inclusive subscription - Each subscription includes backups, storage, support, and access to a central management console.
  • Hassle-free storage - Your Office 365 mailbox backups are automatically saved to a highly secure cloud location that is hosted on Microsoft Azure infrastructure.
  • Automatic backups - Altaro takes backups automatically, so there's no need to configure backup schedules or perform any manual backups.
  • Full retention - Altaro retains everything, from the first backup to the most recent. As long as your subscription remains current, you'll have access to every single mailbox item in each mailbox organization that you manage with Altaro. Backups include email messages, attachments, calendars, and contacts, and the contents of shared mailboxes.

Easily connect and begin your backup 

Using the Altaro solution, you can begin taking backups within minutes. After signing up, you'll get access to the Altaro Office 365 Backup Cloud Management Console. From there, it's easy to add one or more Office 365 Organizations.


Next, simply choose whether you'd like to backup all mailboxes or whether you'd like to pick and choose. You can also exclude some mailboxes from being backed up later.  And then, start the backup process. After that, you won't have to worry anymore about lost mailbox data in Microsoft Office.

It's a very simple process to get started with Altaro Office 365 Backup.


Get a free trial and secure your data now

Altaro Office 365 Backup really has a lot to offer. And you can download a free 30-day trial before hand. Just follow a few simple setup steps, and immediately, you'll have peace of mind knowing that your Office 365 data is secure.

Published Friday, July 12, 2019 7:37 AM by David Marshall
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