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Cybersecurity: Trends to Watch Out For in 2020


It's without a doubt that cybersecurity has become more than just an afterthought to businesses. This comes as new threats have emerged and digital tools have become more sophisticated. In fact, cybercrime is adaptive, and the people and organizations that take part in it can develop new ways to hack, steal, and corrupt data for a variety of malicious purposes. 

Luckily, things are looking up for the cybersecurity sector. Innovation is taking place to equip organizations with enhanced defense and backup systems. And with the continued emergence of big data, businesses could significantly reduce the risk of cyberattacks and keep their bottom line secured. They just have to learn about what's new for cybersecurity this coming year.

1. Introduction of rationalized cyber laws

Politicians before have never thought of crafting legislation to regulate the online sphere. The internet is part of the public domain after all. But with numerous cases of identity theft and data breaches becoming a major headache for businesses, governments are stepping in to keep cyberspace safe. According to the UNCTAD, at least 138 countries have enacted cyber legislation. Sure enough, some of these laws were challenged for their stringent and narrow use of intellectual property rights. Businesses will have to keep themselves abreast of new cybersecurity rules and focus more on compliance.

2. The growing importance of ISPs

Information security protocols or ISPs are crucial to protecting data and protecting a business's data infrastructure from being compromised by unauthorized users. Most startups lack effective ISP support, making them highly vulnerable to competitor espionage and malicious software. Sure enough, many IT support services providers will focus more on helping businesses with their ISPs. EIRE Systems, for instance, has been providing expert advice to Hong Kong businesses that want to keep themselves secure and competitive in the local market.

3. Security audits will be taken seriously

Using advanced tools and expertise, organizations will spend more time and resources analyzing their current inventory, assessing vulnerabilities, and adopting new tools that are crucial to the health of their current security infrastructure. These are just some of the things businesses will have to focus on as they seek to better face costly challenges to their security.

4. Widespread use of the cloud

Cloud computing platforms will be highly beneficial in terms of helping businesses secure critical information offsite. Given that accidents and disasters happen all the time, businesses will have to step up their cybersecurity game and make use of services that allow them to save sensitive data out of anyone's reach, save of course a few authorized personnel. Cloud solutions have become immensely popular, not only for the convenience they provide businesses but also the security enhancements that go along with them.


Cybersecurity is essential in today's world, and businesses shouldn't take it as just another example of technological mumbo-jumbo. The reality is that the Internet is expanding, and while it does, more and more people will try to cheat their way through it. With the right cybersecurity plans in mind, businesses won't have to regret investing time and money for it.


Published Tuesday, July 16, 2019 7:53 AM by David Marshall
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