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Cloud Services A Building Block for the Digitalization of an Enterprise

There have been revolutionary reforms in the fields of modern technology. These reforms require a large amount of storage space in order to store their information. This necessity is fulfilled by the cloud services as it offers services to a user through the internet servers as opposed to offering it over the company's on-premises servers. These servers offered by cloud services offer scalable and easy access to resources, applications, services, and are fully managed by the service provider. The service offered can be dynamically scaled in order to satisfy the needs of the users. Furthermore, the service provider offers the end user with software and hardware supplies that are required for the setup. This reduces the company's task for using their own resources for the set up or even hiring new IT staff in order to manage the service. The services may include backup solutions and storage spaces, hosted office suites, Web-based E-mail services, document collaboration services, managed technical support services, and database processing.  

Google is one of the many companies leading in the cloud services sector. Recently an information technology analyst firm Gartner Inc. stated that the infrastructure services of the Google LLC has become more complete and has helped their company to move up in the rankings of the Magic Quadrant. This was due to the improvement added to the new analytics capabilities and was built on its ability to execute. Google is ranked as a "leader" in the Magic Quadrant 2019 by Gartner in the fields of Infrastructure-as-a-Service. Google is ranked third globally as the Amazon Web services Inc occupy the first position while the place of number two is occupied by the Microsoft Corp's Azure cloud. There is big gap between these forerunners and the rest of the service providers including Alibaba Cloud, Oracle Corp., and IBM Corp. 

Following the footsteps of the leading cloud service company Amazon Cloud, Starbucks Corporation an American based coffee company and coffeehouse chain has recently agreed to license the parts of its mobile and loyalty technology in order to build its new cloud-based software. This software is developed using the software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform in order to expand their industry. The agreement was made with the Brightloom, an upcoming restaurant tech company which was previously know as eats. It has accepted to offer Starbucks an equity stake and a Brightloom board seat. However, the information regarding the person that is going to fill the Brightloom seat as well as the size of the equity stake is unknown. The new platform will be released in October.  

The CEO of Starbucks, Kevin Johnson stated that the Starbucks will experience a first-hand power through the medium of digital customer connections. This has greatly increased the frequency and the loyalty of the customers at Starbucks as they find it comparatively easy and a fast way to order a beverage. This innovative move will form reforms in the industry by elevating the customer experience across the world. This integration of cloud services is similar to what Amazon Web Services did with its popular mobile app's technology and become the e-commerce giant. In an interview with Yahoo Finance, the CEO of Brightloom, Adam Brotman commented that this idea of digitalization was not only to build relationship with the customers but also for enabling an interconnected, seamless, experience-rich platforms that would enhance the personalization, ordering, payment, and loyalty of the consumers. He further added that earlier the mobile ordering, delivery, loyalty, and even cloud kitchen was once considered a luxury but due to modernization it has become a necessity. He explained that if the owner of a restaurant thinks of shelling out the money instead of investing it for developing their own technology, then that's a terrible choice for executing a business.  

The benefits of the cloud services have spread worldwide and their need is now felt in all the sectors. In order to expand their footprint, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has started searching for cloud service providers. They are currently looking for a high-speed and secure network that is connected from its data centers located in the northern regions of Virginia and Maryland to the existing cloud service providers. They expect that the cloud service would meet the requirements of the Federal Information Security Modernization Act (FISMA). In conclusion, any company or organization can transform their infrastructure by integrating their services with cloud-based services. This technology can be helpful for eliminating the manual waste generated through managing paperwork and costly delays in logistics. Several enterprises and corporation have invested in cloud services market as its benefits far exceed its drawbacks. After exhaustive research, Allied Market Research has estimated that the global cloud services market would garner $555 billion by 2020, growing exponentially at a CAGR of 17.6% from 2014 to 2020. The market of cloud services market has great potential and will increase at a steady pace as new technologies and innovative products are introduced in this market. 


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