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The New Age Of Innovation Is Making VT Ever More Useful For Business


Virtualization technology is not only a recommendation for savvy businesses, but perhaps a proven necessity. Research collated by ScienceDirect has shown in black and white the significant benefits to be reaped by relying on virtualized technology, from continuity planning to efficiency of data access. While technology is always improving and new visualization tech has rolled out consistently over the years, the ramping up of technology over the last decade has had great benefits for business, and this will continue to through into 2020.

Outsourcing and its symbiotic relationship

Many digital businesses rely on one or more third party relationships to service areas of the business. According to managed services experts Coretech, this is often necessary to allow enterprises to stay on top of new technological developments, especially when they lie outside of the area of expertise. Virtualization deployed by outsourced companies is helping to benefit businesses in a number of ways. Firstly, new technology that deploys machine learning reduces inefficiencies, creating better service for the enterprise. Secondly, environmental impact is improved; the latest VT has shown its worth in vastly reducing federal data center carbon costs. Finally, it gives a technological edge. New VT being inbuilt to business platforms will transform the service provided to the host enterprise by giving that technological edge.

Business modeling

Virtualization tech provides day-to-day benefits to the smooth running of a business. What it can also provide is excellent behind-the-scenes analytics. For businesses, planning is absolutely crucial. While this sounds like an obvious point, Entrepreneur note that the business plan extends far beyond basic setup. VT allows businesses an unprecedented manner in which to accurately model business growth and demand. Forecasting allows for a far superior business plan.

Where VT is taking an even greater stride is through integration with AI. In July 2019, ZDNet reported that US virtualization firm, VMware had acquired an Ai carrier, Uhana. Their intention is to deploy machine learning at their centers that will provide point-of-service processing to clients. Using background data gathering and analysis in conjunction with sophisticated virtualization will create far more accurate planning opportunities for businesses.

A growing cloud

Virtualization is the very basis of the cloud, and as it grows, so does innovation within the sector. With this comes a demand for enhanced expertise and an area for business to focus on that can bring significant growth. Industry mag SiliconAngle found that, more than any other factor, the growing cloud industry needs better expertise from virtualization experts. Businesses focusing on this factor and looking to craft their digital strategy around expertise will continue to benefit, both from better opinions and greater levels of innovation.

Much of the digital world is conducted through VT, and businesses know this. Where they may lag behind is through an inability to keep up with industry trends. Having a finger on the pulse of the absolute latest innovations will be crucial to businesses hoping to stay on top throughout the next year.


Published Monday, July 29, 2019 10:35 AM by David Marshall
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