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StorONE Sets a New Bar for Storage Economics with S1-as-a-Service
StorONE, the innovator behind the S1 storage software platform, today announces the new S1-as-a-Service (S1aaS), a use-based solution integrating StorONE's enterprise-class S1 storage services with Dell Technologies and Mellanox hardware. The solution illustrates a new level of storage economics providing an industry defining price point delivering a perfect balance between enterprise-class performance and data protection capabilities. 

Providing the answer to the question of proper resource utilization StorONE has overcome the security risks and performance impacts traditionally associated with the cloud providing the reliability and capabilities of an on-premise architecture while guaranteeing you only pay for the resources you need to support your business today and tomorrow seamlessly and transparently.

Customers now get the best of both worlds: cloud-like simplicity and the pricing flexibility of a cloud-based model with the performance and control of an on-premise infrastructure. (S1aaS) starts at $999 per month for a 18 terabyte all-flash array that delivers up to 150,000 IOPS - with the most flexible, user definable price, capacity and performance capabilities and options in the market.

"S1aaS is going to change the economics not only of storage but of the entire data center," said Gal Naor, CEO and co-founder of StorONE. "S1aaS makes enterprise-class all-flash array performance and data protection and control available for only $999 per month. No other vendor can offer a complete storage solution - whether on premises or in the cloud - for this low of a monthly cost."

Like S1, S1aaS requires dramatically less hardware to achieve equal and in most examples superior results. StorONE stands alone as one of the only companies in the industry that can truly say they invested the time and talent to develop their own technology from the ground up providing a completely new, industry exclusive storage architecture. One of the key components contributing to the significant price point advantage of the S1aaS platform is the StorONE Total Resource Utilization (TRU) capabilities, (TRU) maximizes the communication channels and balance between storage media and CPU utilization delivering the right performance with less resources guaranteeing your business always recognizes the correct cost to performance ratio. At the same time, all storage services (high-performance, hyperconverged infrastructure, scale-out file storage, backup and archive/long-term retention,), all protocols (block, file and object), and all media types are supported on a single platform - for maximum flexibility and ease-of-use.

In addition, S1aaS delivers uncompromising data protection. Traditional RAID implementations are inflexible, hinder application performance, do not allow for the mix and match of the latest drive innovation, and by the nature of their design dictate long recovery times. StorONE with their S1 architecture introduces a next-generation approach that accelerates drive rebuild times, replaces dedicated hot spares with their abstracted system based balanced resource utilization model which offers more granular resiliency levels, further cuts costs by drawing from all available drive capacities and allows the implementation of the latest drive technologies on the fly.  In addition, S1aaS also provides unlimited, nestable, writeable, and persistent snapshots based on patented algorithms guaranteeing zero performance impact with unlimited user definable flexibility included free of charge.

Recognizing all recent industry studies indicate most organizations if they have an affordable option prefer to run their performance demanding applications in their on-premise data center, and understanding the reasons for this choice StorONE developed their S1aaS offering to be deployed on-premise. Acknowledging the financial attraction of the cloud the StorONE, S1aaS solution delivers on the promise of a true cloud-like subscription model. Billed monthly, quarterly or yearly the customer receives the advantages of an OPEX model for all storage services with multiple payment options including credit card transactions. Performance and capacity are user definable and can scale as easily as the cloud providing the option to dynamically align storage resources with the ever-changing requirements of the business.

With the S1aaS platform you can replace tomorrows capacity and performance questions with the simplicity of a single step resource allocation adjustment.  Today, tomorrow, next month or next year choose the right storage subscription model to fit your business delivering the right resources for the right reasons at the right time seamlessly and transparently for your users and your applications.  And unlike other on-premise use-based services, which are usually just leases in disguise, there is no long-term commitment. Customers may cancel or modify their plan with a simple thirty-day notice.

"As high-performance SAS and NVMe flash drives become commonplace in the data center, storage media is no longer the bottleneck to performance," said George Crump, Founder and Lead Analyst at Storage Switzerland. "The storage management layer is the problem. Vendors try to compensate by using more powerful processors, more RAM, custom FPGAs and ASICs, as well as spreading I/O across dozens of flash drives, whose capacity is not needed. StorONE's focus on efficiency - 150K IOPS from four conventional drives, an industry defining capability - is the foundational component of S1aaS. It enables a democratization of storage performance previously unavailable to the data center."

More information about S1aaS is available at

Published Tuesday, July 30, 2019 8:02 AM by David Marshall
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