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What Does The Future Hold For The Internet Of Things?


The interconnectedness that we experience through the Internet has made life easier and surely a lot faster. Before, we had to wait for weeks or even months for mail to arrive; now, our messages are received and read the moment that we click or tap "Send" in our emails. Even shopping has become a tabletop activity. Shoppers can just go to specific websites, click on the items that they want, and their purchases will be delivered to them.

The Internet, in all its current complexity, is still not done developing. In fact, it has gone beyond just personal desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. There is now what we call the Internet of things or IoT, which simply pertains to any device that can connect to the Internet and share and receive data. Some of the current IoT devices are door locks, printers, and even washing machines and robotic vacuum cleaners! Because of IoT, human control over these devices has become so easy; it can be done with just a few clicks even from remote locations.

Because of its usefulness, the future of IoT is considered bright. In this article, we share three of the most positive predictions about IoT.

In 2025, there will be 21 billion devices on the network

Because many find them useful and very convenient, IoT devices have a huge potential for growth. And this prediction is not just made out of thin air. If we look at previous data, it can be seen that the growth in a number of IoT devices is dramatic year after year. There were just around a million devices in the network in 2016, but in 2021, the number is expected to reach around 1 billion. Given this, the 21 billion is not really hard to hit or even exceed by 2025.

Given this outlook, those who want to take advantage of the future demand for electronic products should start doing solid actions. Electronic components distributor and manufacturers can start by learning which items are likely going to be integrated into the network so that they can tweak their products to serve the needs that such expansions create.

Artificial intelligence is surely going to be bigger

The devices within the IoT network are made even more useful by their ability to "learn" the behavioral patterns of their users through the commands and inputs that the devices receive from the users. This learning is obviously through artificial intelligence or AI. Given the projected growth for the number of IoT devices, AI is also expected to make a more significant role in the grand scheme of things.

Security and data privacy will become hot legislative topics

One of the things that get compromised when data is being shared to and through a network is the safety of such data. Because of this, laws that govern the digital arena started appearing the moment the Internet took control of almost all aspects of the human experience.

With the expected expansion in IoT use, legislators are expected to make significant amendments to the current laws to further protect users from any form of virtual criminal activity. If simply amending the current laws is not enough, there should be nothing stopping them from creating new ones.

In this world, those who experience the most growth are those that have yielded the greatest utility. This is definitely the case with the Internet of things.


Published Tuesday, July 30, 2019 7:56 AM by David Marshall
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