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Formulus Black Accelerates Memory-Converged Infrastructure with Forsa 3.0 Product Launch
In-Memory Computing startup Formulus Black today announced an enterprise hardened version of its revolutionary Forsa software that enables any application to run in memory without modification. The new version of Forsa sets the bar for enabling larger databases, I/O hungry HPC jobs, artificial intelligence and machine learning model training to run in memory on commodity hardware through support for larger systems with more CPUs and memory, and by supporting Persistent Memory technologies like Intel Optane DC persistent memory. 

"Due to Forsa's revolutionary I/O and storage algorithms we actually deliver Negative Performance Overhead on systems with Intel Persistent Memory. In other words, your applications will run fast on Persistent Memory and Forsa supercharges your application performance to an even higher extreme while offering best of breed memory management and usability features," said Jing Xie, Formulus Black's Chief Operating Officer.

Formulus Black's Forsa software is the first in the world to persist complete system images and data in memory while safeguarding against power loss. By identifying and encoding data patterns in real time using algorithms, the software enables larger datasets to occupy a smaller footprint in memory while also providing complete system backup and restore in minutes instead of hours or days. The addition of features in 3.0 ensures that Forsa is optimized for use in both large enterprise and SMB settings.

"Formulus Black has developed a roadmap for its Forsa software that enables it to meet the needs of a wide variety of environments and use cases," said George Crump, President and Founder of Storage Switzerland. "By adding features that improve scalability, leverage the performance attributes of the latest memory and lower the minimum requirements needed to run the software, Formulus Black is providing a better solution to those stuck in a traditional infrastructure or not finding what they need from public cloud offerings."

Among the other features included in the latest version of Forsa are:

  • Support for larger systems with more memory and CPUs
  • Support for systems with Cascade Lake CPUs and Optane DC persistent memory
  • Support for horizontal scale-out of memory across fabrics and nodes
  • Replication support to provide failover between nodes
  • Selective BLINK of Virtual Machines and LEM data for fast backup, restore, and disaster recovery
  • Enhanced GUI with cluster dashboard and support for up to an 8-node cluster
  • Support for multiple operating systems, including Ubuntu and CentOS

"The new features in Forsa 3.0 came from customer feedback of features that they'd like to see in future releases of the software and reflect our capabilities to modify our software stack to take advantage of new technologies or approaches that may not have been readily available when earlier versions of Forsa were made publicly available," said Mark Iwanowski, CEO of Formulus Black.

Published Wednesday, July 31, 2019 7:24 AM by David Marshall
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