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How Cloud Computing Is Allowing Small Businesses To Expand Faster

Technology has helped the business world, as well as all other aspects of human life, move forward in the past two decades. With the increased popularity of Cloud Computing, small businesses are experiencing financial freedom like never before.

Over 350,000 new businesses open their doors each year. In years past, only about 5% of these ventures had any hope of becoming a prosperous company. With high levels of competition and other risks involved in starting a new business, entrepreneurs are always taking a chance.

Cloud computing, online call center support via and 24/7 digital customer service are just some of the reasons that new business owners are finding more success. All business owners are interested in saving money wherever they can, and adding the use of the Cloud to an enterprise can help direct money towards expansion.

In this article we will take a brief look at how Cloud computing is making it possible for small business owners invest profits back into their ventures right from the start.

Less Digital Infrastructure

In the past, new companies were forced to invest a large part of their capital into complex and expensive operating systems and server banks. When you add the advantages of using a cloud system, owners can eliminate the cost of creating an onsite system. Along with less physical machinery, a cloud system can be accessed and maintained from anywhere, requiring less need for onsite IT staff.

Less Staff

Administrators are less necessary when you are taking advantage of a cloud computing system. You can connect all of your devices, and coordinate your business systems into one place, the Cloud.

Your staff will be able to coordinate all of their efforts through easy networking and have access to all of your systems on one platform. With the business organization, less staff is required to overlook each department as the business is growing.

Automatic Updates & Compliance

It is more important than ever to make sure that your operating system is undergoing proper updating and archiving. With bulky and expensive server banks, the updating process can be long and tedious.

When you base your system in the Cloud, updates are automatic based on the schedule that you set.  This leaves time for owners to concentrate on expansion and less on making sure that their files and data banks are properly updated.

Your cloud-based operating system can be programmed to keep your business current with all compliance issues. Falling out of compliance can hold steep fines and loss of business.

Increased Security

With a private, onsite operating system, business owners are solely responsible for the safety and security of their data and files. Purchasing expensive security software can cut into the business budget and make it tough to think about investing back into the business.

The Cloud is one of the most secure places to store important information. Security scans and updates are done routinely, helping business owners to protect their employees, customers and themselves at no extra cost.


Business owners are invested in making their venture a success and eventually being able to expand their dreams. When you start your business using the Cloud, you are on your way to making smart fiscal decisions that will help you save money and invest back into your business.


Published Tuesday, August 13, 2019 8:02 AM by David Marshall
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