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Make Your Digital Devices Secure Against Attack

Keeping your business's data secure has become something of a nightmare. Not only could you face serious financial loss as a result of a breach, but you could also face civil action and penalties as well. It's no longer enough to hope that your anti-virus program catches all the bugs, you have to take proactive measures to improve your safety.

So check out the handy reference from the team at EveryCloud that you'll see below. Think of it as your advanced cybersecurity guide. The infographic is packed with all the information that you'll need to up your cybersecurity.

You'll find tips that you can start implementing today. You'll learn how to improve security in both your business and personal life. You'll also learn a lot about the state of cybersecurity today. The section on the biggest hacks is particularly interesting.

If you run a small business, you might not think your business is much of a target. But check the IG, and you'll see that small businesses are the preferred target of many hackers. Keep in mind that stealing data is only one way for a hacker to make money. If they can infect your computer with ransomware, they can also make money.

The IG lays out not only how cybercriminals attack small businesses, but also what the typical effects are on business operations. It's scary to consider, but six out of ten small businesses fold within six months of a breach. They also go through tips to ensure that your business data is more secure.

These are all simple and actionable. Like, for example, enacting two-factor authorization. Or making it a policy to scan all attachments to emails before opening them. And, naturally, using a good spam filter.

You'll learn helpful tips to secure your data at home as well. Do you know what constitutes a strong password today? That's a lesson that you don't want to learn from Mark Zuckerberg. His Facebook password was revealed thanks to hackers. It was "dadada". Somehow, I was disappointed at reading that. I would have thought that Zuckerberg would use something a little stronger.

There's also a section on the security myths that we all console ourselves with. Unfortunately, these myths are giving you a false sense of security.

Finally, you'll see a section with stats related to the GDPR regulations.

Is it a lot of information to digest? Yes. On the upside, though, it's all presented in a bite-sized format. So, what are you waiting for? Check it out.

Published Wednesday, September 18, 2019 9:44 AM by David Marshall
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