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Spiceworks Unveils New AI-Powered Insights and Previews "Account Intelligence" to Simplify and Accelerate How Businesses Research, Buy and Manage Technology

Spiceworld 2019 

Yesterday at SpiceWorld 2019Spiceworks unveiled two new products. The first is new AI-powered insights to enable businesses - and the technology professionals within them - to research, buy, and manage technology more efficiently. Spiceworks also previewed Account Intelligence, a new AI-powered solution to enable B2B technology brands to optimize their marketing and sales efforts by delivering the intelligence they need on businesses currently in-market for their products and services. 

AI-powered insights

Integrated and surfaced across Spiceworks products, the actionable insights can help millions of IT professionals predict their organizations' future technology challenges and connect them with recommended solutions and the vendors who can help in their moments of need.

In the nearly $4 trillion business technology market, IT professionals operate in a landscape that constantly shifts and expands. However, with limited time and resources, it's difficult for IT professionals to sort through an overwhelming volume of information to find the trusted resources and experts throughout the technology purchase journey. According to Spiceworks research, identifying the right solution for their organization's needs is the biggest challenge technology buyers face during the purchase process.

Spiceworks is addressing this challenge by using artificial intelligence to connect IT professionals with actionable insights designed to help them to cut through the noise, find trusted resources, and make technology decisions with more confidence. Examples of AI-powered insights surfaced across Spiceworks products and easily accessible in IT professionals' existing workflows include:

  • Business insights: New business-level insights help IT professionals proactively take steps to improve their organization's technology environment based on what's working for companies of similar sizes and in related industries. For example, actionable insights are now surfaced in Spiceworks Help Desk Online to help IT professionals identify unusual activity, such as a high volume of networking issues, and directly connect them with vendors that can provide solution alternatives, upgrade plans, and best practices for their unique needs.
  • Technology insights: Spiceworks is also surfacing new product insights across topic discussions and product review pages, enabling IT professionals to quickly shortlist, evaluate, and compare solutions as they actively research new technologies. The insights recommend solutions that are trending in similar companies and allow IT professionals to directly connect with product experts to continue the vetting process.
  • Personal insights: New personal insights can help IT professionals reduce the time it takes to solve technical problems by identifying subject matter experts in specific technologies and fields, such as PowerShell, virtualization, endpoint security, and more. Helpful contributions in Spiceworks, including technical how-tos and "best answers," inform the algorithms used to identify IT professionals' area of expertise and provide guidance on who to connect with when seeking technology advice.
  • Market insights: In the coming months, Spiceworks will also leverage AI technologies and the voice of its community to map the market of technology vendors across various categories, such as security, laptops, storage and backup, and more. Surfaced in product pages across Spiceworks, market maps will compare technology vendors based on brand adoption and user satisfaction, enabling IT professionals to stay up to date on how the technology market is shifting and which vendors should be considered in the purchase process.

In addition to surfacing personalized insights, Spiceworks is also enabling real-time, human-to-human connections between technology buyers and sellers who are positioned to help. Today, Spiceworks announced a new service provider matching solution designed to connect technology professionals with IT service providers in Spiceworks based on their organization's location, project needs, and technology environment. IT service providers receive real-time notifications when an IT professional requests to connect for help, including everything from cloud migration support to network planning and implementation.

By applying artificial intelligence to its unique, first-party data, Spiceworks will continue to develop new insights and solutions that help connect IT professionals to the people and resources they need to anticipate their technology challenges, make technology decisions with confidence, and drive their businesses forward.

Account Intelligence

Spiceworks' new Account Intelligence can help technology brands increase their sales velocity, improve conversion rates, and ensure the success of their account-based marketing (ABM) and sales efforts by providing real-time visibility into business purchase signals and an actionable, prioritized list of the most-likely-to-buy prospects.

The B2B technology purchase journey is growing in complexity, and as a result, marketing and sales professionals are facing two major challenges: a lack of visibility and declining results. First, it's difficult to identify when buyers are in market and ready to purchase, often resulting in the inefficient use of marketing and sales spend. Secondly, the traditional tactics of capturing and accelerating demand are yielding fewer opportunities as buyers become more frustrated with irrelevant sales calls and marketing emails that aren't tailored to their needs.

Spiceworks Account Intelligence can help address these challenges by providing technology brands with unique insights into the business buying cycle, surfacing actionable intelligence on organizations that are in-market to buy and enabling B2B marketers and sales professionals to focus on customers and prospects who show purchase intent. The key features and functionality of Spiceworks Account Intelligence include:

  • Account prioritization: Based on purchase intent signals from buyers across an entire organization, the solution provides technology brands with a prioritized list of businesses currently in-market for their products and services. This can help brands optimize their ABM efforts and focus on businesses most likely to purchase their solutions. Technology brands can also upload their own list of customers and prospects to understand current purchase intent levels.
  • Purchase intent trends: Spiceworks Account Intelligence also provides technology brands with in-depth intelligence on each in-market business, including their purchase intent strength, how purchase intent is trending over time, and when they're most likely to make a purchase based on where they are in the buying cycle. This helps technology brands connect with in-market businesses at the right time with the right message.
  • Competitive insights: The solution also enables technology vendors to see the competitors their target accounts are evaluating and their brand affinity scores based on the current technologies deployed on their network. This can help technology brands position their products and solutions appropriately and deliver the best solution at the right

Spiceworks Account Intelligence is fueled by one of the most comprehensive sets of first-party intent data in the B2B technology market, including interactions across Spiceworks products that technology buyers use and trust to run their businesses. Spiceworks products - including topic discussions, product reviews, network inventory, help desk, and learning modules - generate billions of intent signals, providing valuable intelligence technology brands can use to help identify in-market businesses, understand their buying journeys, and ultimately accelerate their sales cycles.

Spiceworks Account Intelligence is currently in beta and will be generally available through the Spiceworks Control Center in Q1 2020.
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