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Atlantic.Net 2020 Predictions: Cybersecurity yet again the top priority for future innovation!

VMblog Predictions 2020 

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By Marty Puranik, President & CEO of Atlantic.Net

Cybersecurity yet again the top priority for future innovation!

Cybersecurity will again be at the forefront of critical business decisions made in 2020 and beyond. There will be a much heavier reliance on Artificial Intelligence (AI) for smarter cybersecurity decision making and decision making automation.

There is no doubt that cybercriminals will exploit more sophisticated and complex cyberattack vulnerabilities, AI can give businesses the upper hand to create intelligent, data powered cybersecurity technology to thwart attacks.

We predict that the continued investment in AI will increase dramatically as organizations realize the high potential use cases in day-to-day business operations. In particular, fraud, malware and intrusion detections as well as user/machine behavioral analysis as the desire of company executives to comply with strong cybersecurity policies will start to peak.

Data breaches, ransomware and cyberattacks will continue to be daily news for global organizations, there will continue to be rapid investment in human cybersecurity analysts, and cloud automated AI infrastructure.

AI and machine learning will continue to automate cybersecurity defense frameworks and there will be a significant shift away from signature-based recognition tools to pattern-based recognition tools powered by AI predictions.

Businesses will further push a "zero trust security model", forcing authentication on all internal and external traffic from a perimeter network. Compliance guidelines will shift to be rooted in the principle of "never trust, always verify".

AI/ML processing clusters can learn petabytes of predictive datasets from SOAR technology endpoints in relatively no time at all; enabling the capability of automated responses to specific scenarios. There will eventually be less reliance on human interaction but we are still a long way from fully-fledged AI autonomy.

The changes we predict will no doubt result in tougher, more robust compliance requirements, and more multifactor security controls for end-users, but it will ultimately result in greater controls over data privacy in the digital era.


About the Author

marty puranik 

Marty Puranik co-founded Atlantic.Net from his dorm room at the University of Florida in 1994. As CEO and President of Atlantic.Net, one of the first Internet Service Providers in America, Marty grew the company from a small ISP to a large regional player in the region, while observing America's regulatory environment limit competition and increase prices on consumers. To keep pace with a changing industry, over the years he has led Atlantic.Net through the acquisition of 16 Internet companies, tripling the company's revenues and establishing customer relationships in more than 100 countries. Providing cutting-edge cloud hosting before the mainstream did, Atlantic.Net has expanded to seven data centers in three countries, with a fourth pending.

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