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VMblog's Expert Interviews: Catalogic Software Bringing NetApp Solutions to Insight 2019


Catalogic Software is preparing for NetApp Insight 2019. I checked in with Peter Eicher, Director of Marketing, to learn about their plans.

VMblog:  So Catalogic is back at NetApp Insight again this year, is that right?

Peter Eicher:  Yes, we'll be at NetApp Insight this year. We're very focused on our relationship with NetApp and NetApp users. We have a host of great solutions built on NetApp technologies, and we're Sapphire sponsors at Insight this year, in booth 316. Attendees can take a look at our session which is on Tuesday at 1:30 p.m., and we hope they'll register. It should be very worthwhile for anyone that's using NetApp for file data.  We've also been sponsoring the NetApp Partner Academies.  

VMblog:  And what are some of the solutions you'll be showing?

Eicher:  That's a big question! Pretty much everything in our portfolio has a fit at Insight, so let's break it down. For starters, we're showing the products we offer from our technology partner ProLion. These are great tools for NetApp file users, and they solve some real challenges.

The first product is called CryptoSpike, and it provides protection against ransomware outbreaks in NetApp file environments. CryptoSpike identifies attacks and stops them before they spread. This is clearly top-of-mind for a lot of IT directors. I don't think a week goes by without hearing about a major ransomware attack. CryptoSpike also provides user file auditing. That is, you can track everyone that touched a file and what they did to it. We're finding organizations have a tremendous need for this kind of information. 

The other product is called RestoreManager, and it tackles something that's been a pain for NetApp admins since forever. RestoreManager creates a searchable index of your file snapshots on primary storage, secondary storage or both. You can find what you're looking for in minutes and restore it with a click. You also get great file analysis reporting. Large organizations are very interested in this. They know they have a lot - and I mean a LOT, sometimes petabytes worth - of old files sitting on their NetApp gear, and they'd love to get rid of them. But they have no easy way to identify them. RestoreManager gives you that.

VMblog:  How about your data protection and snapshot solutions?

Eicher:  For sure.  We'll be talking about DPX, our backup solution. Users are tired of over-paying for backup, so they're looking for cost effective alternatives. DPX is a great fit for Insight too because it does a great job with NDMP backups, which are still critical, and supports archive of NDMP data to disk, tape or cloud. DPX even has an OSSV replacement agent: users that are struggling with OSSV (which NetApp no longer supports) can get a direct replacement that doesn't change their infrastructure at all. I don't know of any other solution for this.

We're also showing ECX, our snapshot management solution. It integrates NetApp snapshots with VMware and databases and offers a great API platform for automation. We have one user managing over 14,000 VMs and 8,000 SQL databases with a single copy.

VMblog:  I saw that at Pure //Accelerate, you stopped giving out tradeshow swag and instead made a charitable donation.  Are you carrying that forward to Insight?

Eicher:  Indeed we are! So sorry folks, there are no squeeze balls at the Catalogic booth. But if you drop by, we'll make a $3 donation in your name to Three Square, a food bank that serves needy people in the Las Vegas area. They do really great work, so even if you just swing by to say hello, let us scan your badge so you can be in the donation count.

And while we're fighting the fight against throw-away swag, we still believe that high-value giveaways are appropriate. After all, they don't get thrown away two days later. So we'll be having drawings for SONOS One speakers, one each day at the booth and one at our session. 


Published Tuesday, October 15, 2019 7:32 AM by David Marshall
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