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How AI Will Drive Marketing


AI has become almost a byword for the future. This comes as the tools that are needed to refine every aspect of our lives have become increasingly sophisticated as the years go by.

In the current business landscape, there has been more emphasis being placed on technological innovation and adoption, with AI-driven tools becoming a necessity. In fact, research firm IDC notes that the global spending for AI systems will reach $190 billion by 2025. This definitely drives home the point that the industry is getting larger, encompassing the need for entrepreneurs to invest in AI tools and software to survive the new wave of digital transformation that's about to come.

Businesses will need all the help they can get from AI, especially as they focus on building effective marketing campaigns.

AI will certainly impact the world of marketing. Here are a few key takeaways you might need to look at:

Content creation and distribution

It goes without saying that content drives engagement, one way you could seek out the right customers for a product or service you're selling, you will have to build a content marketing strategy that skews towards that purpose. Then again, content remains a challenge for many businesses that want to make full use of their marketing budgets for driving and converting leads.

With predictive analytics under the works, businesses are able to get closer to fully automating the way they create and deliver content. There are several AI-powered programs that allow businesses to use data to create highly engaging content, all without human intervention. Sure this has yet to come full circle, but businesses will still need to get ready for a future that's fully powered by AI.

Search optimization

Nothing gets a business all riled up quite like how Google changes its search engine algorithm every now and then. As businesses focus more on generating organic traffic, it has become almost a requirement to invest in an effective SEO strategy.

Tech companies will have to deal with things like search relevance that can help them drive results for their marketing campaigns. They will have to consider getting AI systems that can support their needs. Along these lines, they can opt for human annotation services that provides them with the intelligence they need to secure better search engine positions. Sites such as provide a good start for using such services.

Advertising support

The advertising industry will without a doubt feel the brunt of the impact that AI entails. As companies realize their need to scale down their ad spend and drive quality results, they will have to make use of platforms that can help them analyze audience behaviors and come up with the best decisions along the lines of advertising.

AI is one innovation businesses couldn't possibly pass up on. Being able to learn about AI-powered tools allows for greater success as competition across all industries gets tighter and tighter.


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Published Tuesday, October 22, 2019 9:21 AM by David Marshall
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