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Onepath 2020 Predictions: The Year Digital Transformation Takes Hold and Why

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By Luca Jacobellis, Chief Transformation Officer, Onepath

2020: The Year Digital Transformation Takes Hold and Why

2020 is often cited as the year when digital transformations will take hold. New tech will come to fruition, and old tech will improve and update. As we sit just around the corner from this once-distant year, what digital transformations can we really expect to see from 2020? And how will they impact us as both members of the technology community and end users?

The arrival of 5G

In 2020, 5G is set to explode onto the scene. In 2017, Gartner predicted that 2020 would showcase 20.4 billion "things" connected via the IoT. With 5G now firmly switched on, we have the technology to make Gartner's prediction come true.

5G will provide the density required by networks to handle the billions of IoT connected devices. Think about it-over the next decade, every streetlight, parking meter, gas meter, electric meter, and so on will become connected to the internet via 5G. We're going to see an explosion in this rollout, probably in ways we haven't even thought of yet and in devices that have never been digital.

Business intelligence

Over the last five to ten years, conversation has focused on ways we can better access data and use it to drive business. 2020 will provide the tools to make data-driven businesses more affordable and mainstream.

Leading the charge in this field is Microsoft's Power BI. Microsoft is almost ubiquitous in the US, and its Office 365 and Power BI bundle is driving competitive advantage. Simply put, organizations that take advantage of these tools are going to outperform their peers.

As these BI tools enter the mainstream, more people will have them at their disposal, which will only help their businesses. For players looking to harness the BI opportunity in 2020, consult with customers on how they can use their data better. Here at OnePath, we look across our customers' applications and utilize Power BI tools. We can then go to a customer and say, "We've already built something for your tool, let me show you how it can help."

AI and ML

While artificial intelligence and machine learning are nothing new in and of themselves, 2020 will see a meaningful impact of AI and ML on analytics tools. By taking data derived from these tools and feeding it through an AI platform, we can garner more meaningful data faster, more accurately, and more granularly.

The big cloud providers-Microsoft, Amazon, Google-are bringing these platforms to the masses. In 2020, the need for expensive self-builds will diminish, and we'll see a whole new layer of users employing these platforms for data intelligence. 2020 will also see far more instantaneous applications, which will require relatively simple programming capabilities. Thus, these platforms will become far more attainable for everyone, particularly SMBs.

Conversational computers

Also on the AI topic, 2020 is set to bring much more comprehensive conversational interactions with computers. Of course, we already have this to a degree, with the likes of Siri and Google Assistant. However, in terms of transactional interactions that are meaningful for your business, we really haven't seen these interactions in applications outside of enterprise. For instance, some enterprise applications of AI conversations in use today include major credit card companies, banks, and airlines whose automated systems "listen" to you in order to route your call. In 2020, more and more of these types of solutions will be deployed in a more commoditized platform to benefit SMBs.

Expect SMB businesses that make reservations to utilize these kinds of technologies. Technology platform providers, such as hosted voice solutions, will provide the technology to allow businesses they service to build simple logic and then connect it to their reservation system. Like the other technological solutions of 2020, conversational computers will burst from this enterprise context and land in the hands of SMBs.

The always-connected computer

With 2020 being the year of 5G, it figures that the always-connected PC is set to take center-stage as well. With several of the major hardware manufacturers ready to provide their iteration of the always-on PC, laptop, tablet and so on, 2020 will put an end to sleeping and hibernation.

The PC is undergoing its latest transformation. Starting in 2020, the market is set to change forever, and we're going to see these changes accelerate over the next five years. Right now, the changes are isolated to special form factors. But throughout 2020 and into the future, we're going to see these changes hit every mobile PC device.


About the Author

Luca Jacobellis

Luca Jacobellis is the Chief Transformation Officer of Onepath. In this role, he is responsible for simplifying business, delivering operational leverage, and investing in the continued success of Onepath's employees and clients. Luca is also the founder of the consulting firm New Legacy; before founding New Legacy, he served as President of Cal Net Technology Group, 2018's Managed Services Provider of the Year (Channel Futures) and Microsoft's 2018 Partner of the Year for Project Management & Modern Workplace. Luca was responsible for shaping the company's vision, overseeing both sales and technology business units, and building strategic partnerships. Over his 18 years of leadership, Cal Net successfully completed 3 acquisitions, diversified its technology portfolio, and grew from 3 to over 125 employees.

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