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451 Research Market Insights report dives deep to understand how ShieldIO is addressing 'encryption-in-use'
ShieldIO, Inc., the leading provider of Real-Time Homomorphic Encryption for today's data-centric applications, is excited to be the subject of a new Market Insight report by information technology research and advisory company 451 Research. It recognizes ShieldIO as one of a handful of companies challenging the data encryption problem facing many organizations. 

The 451 report takes a closer examination at how ShieldIO is addressing a practice commonly referred to as homomorphic encryption or encryption-in-use. The report notes security measures such as encryption are painful for organizations to navigate: the challenge with most forms of encryption is, at some point, data must be decrypted to be used effectively, and this is precisely when data is most vulnerable to internal and external attacks.

To tackle this problem, ShieldIO has developed an encryption-in-use approach called Real-Time Homomorphic Encryption, allowing searching and mathematical operations to be performed on encrypted data - without ever decrypting it or utilizing a Keystore. Unlike other encryption solutions in the market, ShieldIO does not require a separate server or gateway; it manages all the encryption, mathematical equations, and search of encrypted data directly with the database at the driver level - all without the requirement to decrypt the data.

451 Research's Market Insights report recognizes the goal for ShieldIO is to protect users' data while simultaneously letting firms use it but without the significant overhead or performance issues associated with legacy homomorphic encryption methodologies.

"Cloud has been instrumental in transforming the way we engage with IT, but despite widespread adoption, many businesses remain hesitant when committing their data to the cloud," said Garrett Bekker, Principal Analyst - Information Security at 451 Research. "Our research reinforces this - 42 per cent of organizations still view security as the main obstacle to cloud migration and adoption."

"One of the main issues with legacy homomorphic encryption methodologies is performing mathematics on encrypted data becomes impractical and requires extensive and costly infrastructure to run," continued Bekker. "Typically, we see very few commercial opportunities within this space - it tends to be limited to research. ShieldIO enables operations to be performed on encrypted data without ever decrypting it or without the need for Keystores."

ShieldIO's architectural methodology is unique, delivering Real-Time Homomorphic Encryption via standard AES 256 libraries and a driver that can work on everything from small web servers to large Hadoop systems without extensive hardware implementations. It also aligns with ShieldIO's go-to-market strategy, targeting database, security, and cloud-migration vendors such as Oracle, Teradata, and Google. It's a unique approach to encryption and one that is likely to be welcomed by organizations wanting to commit to the cloud.

"We are pleased to be recognized for our work in Real-Time Homomorphic Encryption by 451 Research," said AJ Jennings, Founder and CEO at ShieldIO. "The subject of encryption can be an exhausting and costly issue for organizations looking to achieve the highest levels of data protection and regulatory compliance while continuing to enable monetization of their data."

"Many organizations suffer a crisis of confidence when it comes to security, with an overall lack of cyber resilience as a critical point of discussion for most data owners," Jennings continued. "Our data-centric approach to encryption-in-use means these reservations can be assuaged without compromising data usability, thus enabling organizations to migrate their database infrastructures from on-premise to the cloud without perceived risk."

To access 451 Research's Market Insights report on ShieldIO, please click the link here:
Published Tuesday, November 05, 2019 10:09 AM by David Marshall
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451 Research Market Insights report dives deep to understand how ShieldIO is addressing 'encryption-in-use' - Business & Digital Technology Center - (Author's Link) - November 18, 2019 1:34 AM
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