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Everbridge 2020 Predictions: Comprehensive IT security strategies are a must in 2020

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By Munya Kanaventi, Senior Director of Information Security, Everbridge

Comprehensive IT security strategies are a must in 2020

Both public and  private organizations are seeing enormous benefits from advancements in technology. Intelligent, connected technology is improving everything from supply chain management to IT monitoring. However, new opportunities also bring about new risks. By mid-2019, we saw more than 3,800 data breaches which exposed 4.1 billion records, according to Risk Based Security.

In 2020, organizations will focus on critical event management, developing and improving their security program to help IT departments manage external threats. Here are some of my predictions for security and IT professionals as we head into the new year:

More Attacks on the Supply Chain

In 2020, protecting the supply chain will be critical to operational survival. As organizations move their operations to the cloud, they're more prone to management vulnerabilities and challenges. Additionally, most companies have added third-party vendors with specialized skills to their supply chain, as it is impossible to manufacture everything from one organization. By adding niche organizations to the cloud, there comes downstream risks that must be taken into consideration. Organizations must plan accordingly and implement solutions that provide full visibility into the supply chain operation, and technology that quickly identify and respond to external threats. 

An Upgrade on the CSO Requirements

Current Chief Security Office (CSO)/Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) job descriptions lack a critical skill set - the ability to bring strategic value to an organization. We come across many technical people in the industry, but when you reach the C-suite level, it requires business visions and tech-supported insight. Having an understanding of how the organization's critical event management strategy ties to broader business goals and creating an action-oriented plan will be fundamental in 2020. As the CSO, you are responsible for identifying the company's risks and establishing a database that protects your people and assets from today's many threats - active shooter situations, terrorist attacks or severe weather conditions, as well as critical business events including IT outages, cyber-attacks or other incidents such as product recalls or supply-chain interruptions.

An Automation Takeover of Repetitive Manual Tasks

As the digital transformation continues to accelerate at a rapid pace, IT departments must manage more digital services than ever before - with the same limited IT budget and resources. To support the influx of IT requests, many low-to-no value repetitive manual tasks are becoming automated. To avoid any impact on service level and team efficiency as we've seen in past IT process automation, some companies are turning to IT Workflow Orchestration, which integrates human interactions as well.

With the prevalence of physical and cyber-attacks, it crucial for organizations to develop and deliver a comprehensive information security strategy to manage enterprise security risk.


About the Author

Munya Kanaventi 

Munya Kanaventi is Senior Director of Information Security at Everbridge. He leads a team that serves as the steward for the organization’s total information security needs and is responsible for the development and delivery of a comprehensive information security strategy. This includes ensuring high availability and security of the company’s global SaaS offering. Through his leadership, the team continues to develop and improve a security program that leverages collaboration to facilitate information security governance, advise executive leadership on security direction and resource investments, and design business aligned methodologies to manage enterprise security risk.

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